Small business news: 2 December 2022

Anna Thompson
Anna Thompson
Discover content team
3 min read
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This week’s AOB looks at the latest e-commerce news from around the world, including DHL’s furry delivery, and how your business can attract the last-minute Christmas shoppers.

Christmas is coming!

It’s officially December, which means the Christmas countdown is now on! Though inflation led many people to begin their holiday shopping early this year, there are still plenty of opportunities for retailers to cash in…

Last year’s consumer trends are a good indicator of what you can expect this holiday season: in 2021, a Deloitte survey1 found that 15% of US shoppers planned to wait until December to begin their gift buying. Meanwhile, the Canadians were even more relaxed – a whopping 47% of respondents surveyed by Accenture2 intended to do their shopping “at the last minute”!

Our top tips to entice these panic buyers to your online store? Gift guides will be well received by those in a rush, and highlighting your Express/Next Day shipping options on your homepage will ensure visitors to your website are confident that you will be able to deliver in time. Good luck!  

Sustainability continues to dominate buyers’ decisions

It’s not just the Christmas tree which should be green this holiday season…

An Inriver survey3 of 6,000 consumers from across the US, UK and Germany asked: “How important is the availability of sustainability or eco-practice product information before you make a purchase?” 34% of respondents answered, “very important,” whilst 21% said “essential.” This compares to just 7% who said this information was “not at all important.”

To boost the green credentials of their digital shelves, the report recommends online retailers “include all the relevant eco-practice information in [their] product descriptions” and “keep up-to-date with ever-evolving sustainability practices in all [their] markets to avoid losing out to competitors.”

As for our advice? Check out our guide to having a sustainable holiday season, of course!

Convenience trumps security concerns when paying online

It’s no secret that consumers opt for speed and ease when paying for their purchases online. In fact, a recent survey4 of US consumers found that having to manually enter credit card information for each online purchase is such a source of friction for them that 60% opt to store their details on merchants’ websites and apps instead. This action overtakes any security concerns they have.

Did you know that online shoppers are 70% more likely to finalize a purchase if their preferred payment method is displayed as an option at checkout?5 Discover which ones your business should consider with our dedicated guide.

A slightly unusual DHL delivery

As an international logistics leader, DHL has seen almost every type of cargo. But last week’s delivery was extra special. DHL Express flew a Western lowland gorilla from Tenerife to ZSL London Zoo as part of an international breeding program for the Critically Endangered species.

Weighing in at 193kg and standing at 5ft 4in, 18-year-old “Kiburi” travelled the 1,903 miles in a custom-built crate, with support from a dedicated team including zookeepers, cargo handlers and pilots. The VIP was treated to bananas and a refreshing drink of cold fruit tea on the journey.

Once in London, Kiburi had a check-up before being introduced to his new Gorilla Kingdom home, where it’s hoped he will breed with the four females there.  

Roy Hughes, EVP Network Operations & Aviation Europe at DHL Express, said: “Helping Kiburi move to London has been a huge privilege. The logistics effort behind transporting him was no mean feat but our team of experts went to every length to ensure his journey was safe and comfortable.”

And finally…

Looking for some creative inspiration for your holiday sales campaign? Then look no further than the latest launch by Crocs6. The love-them-or-hate-them shoe brand has launched a virtual store where Christmas shoppers can immerse themselves in an interactive world of fun. Via five different unique themed rooms (think fuzzy pink walls as a snapshot), customers can take part in games with exclusive prizes, and personalize their Crocs with the popular Jibbitz charms.

“As a brand, we’re focused on transcending from products into emotion through more immersive and digital-first experiences,” said Feliz Papich, the brand’s VP of digital product management and consumer experience7. “Evolving beyond traditional channels opens the door to an increasingly mutual, interactive relationship with consumers.”

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