How Futbol Emotion used branded content to grow

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Three football boots on display

When goalkeeping legend Francisco Javier Sánchez Broto set up the first Fútbol Emotion store in 2001, he had a plan: Start small, with a real store in the real world and grow online.

After a career that took him from his native Spain, all the way to Glasgow Celtic, Javier needed a plan for his retirement. When he informed his father of his big idea - to be a resource for goalkeepers - he had no idea how far it would take him. Fútbol Emotioncurrently owns 20 stores and ended 2018 with €21.5 million in revenue – with the aim of reaching €31 million this year.

The brand's business plan includes strong international growth online, the consolidation of flagships stores – including the new store in Madrid, which opened in 2018, and the opening of their second store outside Spain. How did they take their business up into the big leagues so fast? Sánchez Broto knew that to get there, he had to be more than a shop … he had to become a brand.

To grow, get to know your customers

Offering customers great products at competitive prices isn’t enough. You have to connect on an emotional level too3. With that in mind Fútbol Emotion created a hub for goalkeeping aficionados, where they could go for tips, information and advice. To keep things simple, they built this hub - known as the Locker Room - on their own, in-house. The Locker Room was soon posting articles daily, reviewing boots and kits, and interviewing professionals like Tottenham’s Hugo Lloris and Athletic Bilbao’s Iago Herrerín.

All this new activity helped them engage existing customers and reach out to new ones4. As Hector from Fútbol Emotion puts it, “We knew a lot about the people who signed up to the website. They only needed to use their email and then we asked for their birth date, or their favorite player.” As Locker Room became more successful, Fútbol Emotion grew. And grew.

Next step? Go social

Fútbol Emotion was creating lots of great content. Given the right social platform, the fans would share it. “The social channel is the best way to communicate our offers, our launches, but also to communicate with the customer5 . We talk a lot about football, not only with the aim of selling. It's difficult to measure how much people buy from that channel, but a lot of people now know our company for our videos.” It’s a how-to study in the power of content marketing: create material that has an emotional attraction and use the right platform to spread the word.

Footballer Gerard Pique throwing a ball in his hands whilst in a trainer shop

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