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Sustainable Logistics Services Whitepaper

Unlock the Value of Your Supply Chain

Business Success through Sustainable Supply Chain Management.
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Formula E eStory: Undertaking the Mobility Challenge

Formula E eStory: Undertaking the Mobility Challenge

For the Formula E, DHL provides an extensive range of green logistics services.
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Building the Environmental Supply Chain
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Closing the Loop: Building the Environmental Supply Chain

Find out how supply chain sustainability pays.
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Sustainable Logistics

How Business Innovation and Green Demand Drive a Carbon-Efficient Industry

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Green Logistics Solutions

Climate change is one of the greatest challenges facing our generation. Increasingly authorities and consumers expect business to calculate, account for and reduce their emissions.

Reporting of greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) is the first step to greening your logistics.

DHL provides two services - a Carbon Report - and an advanced Online Carbon dashboard.

Carbon Report

  • Maps emissions generated from your transportation within the DHL network
  • Can be prepared on monthly, quarterly or yearly basis
  • Calculation adheres to 'Greenhouse Gas Protocol Product Lifecycle Accounting and Reporting Standard'
  • Calculation adheres to EN 16258 'Methodology for calculation and declaration of energy consumption and GHG emissions of transport services'

Online Carbon Dashboard

Has all the benefits of the Carbon Report, plus:

  • Maps emissions from your entire transportation supply chain – including third part networks
  • Maps emissions to individual shipment level
  • Flexible views on different carbon reports – enables simple measurement of emission improvements
  • Ability to simulate and assess carbon footprint and efficiency
  • Assists in supply chain optimization and strategic decision making

Within the supply chain there are many ways to reduce emissions.

  • We are experts in eco-efficient logistics processes
  • We work together with you to create tailored solutions
  • We aim to improve efficiency measures and minimize your logistics related environmental impacts
Particular areas of opportunity include:

  • Fuel and vehicle management
  • Fleet optimization
  • Modal shift
  • Network design
  • Energy efficient real estate

  • Fully certified offsetting for your greenhouse gas emissions through contributions to internationally recognized climate protection projects
  • Authorized third-party verification (SGS) of offset emissions
  • Annual certification for public use
Please note that climate neutral service is only available in combination with an advanced Carbon Report.

Growth and efficiency in today's business have to be balanced alongside zero waste, renewable resources, climate resilience, and environmental performance measurement.

DHL Envirosolutions provides a range of solutions, including:

  • Waste Management: Global solutions to collect and recycle your waste streams, aiming to convert cost into revenue streams and support your ‘zero waste’ targets
  • Extended Producer Responsibility: Data collection, physical recycling, and provision of evidence to meet complex legislative requirements, allowing you to focus on your core business
  • Lead Environmental Partner: Our consultancy and support programmes extend across your entire supply chain, from employee engagement to comprehensive network design, to help you meet your environmental objectives of goods as well.