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Sustainable Product Portfolio

Take sustainable action

Now you can directly reduce Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions across your supply chain with GoGreen Plus. By leveraging sustainable fuels and the latest clean delivery technology, we can help you reduce your carbon footprint and achieve your sustainability targets. 

Sustainable logistics solutions for your business

Discover how our green logistics products and solutions can minimize your emissions whilst maintaining supply chain efficiency.

Green Alternatives

We are pioneers of sustainable logistics, which means we can offer the most comprehensive portfolio of green products and solutions in the industry.

Credible Reporting

You can always trust that our products meet the highest sustainability standards. They are all verified by independent external auditors who ensure our sustainable solutions comply with leading guidelines.

Low Carbon Technology

By embracing sustainable fuels, renewable energy and clean technologies, we’ve been able to create the largest low-emissions fleet – with over 36,000 electric vehicles in operation. 

Make a Difference

A more sustainable future is everyone’s responsibility. Join us and thousands of other customers globally who want to make a positive impact on tomorrow. 

DHL's GoGreen Plus products utilize the 'book & claim' methodology focusing on reducing emissions within our value chain through direct or indirect substitution of sustainable fuels. This differs from offsetting, offered in some GoGreen products, which compensates emissions via external climate projects outside of DHL's value chain - and therefore, DHL does not account for these reductions in our own GHG footprint.

Sustainable Solutions for Parcels and Documents (Including Express Shipping)

Sustainable alternatives for fast international shipments.

Express GoGreen Plus

Looking to lower GHG emissions for your international express shipments? Launched in 2023, Express GoGreen Plus means you can reduce GHG emissions by leveraging Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) through our 'book and claim’ insetting mechanism.

  • Reduces aviation GHG emissions using ‘book & claim’ insetting mechanism
  • Switches traditional fossil jet fuel with SAF through insetting
  • Available globally
  • Allows for different Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emission reduction percentages per shipment, based on customer demand

Mail and Parcel Germany Business Customers GoGreen Plus

By choosing GoGreen Plus, you’re investing in green technologies and fuels that can actively reduce the GHG emissions associated with your mail and parcel shipments in Germany. 

  • Reduces GHG emissions in Germany
  • Uses ‘book & claim’ insetting mechanism
  • Leverages green technologies and fuels within the DHL and Deutsche Post network
  • Allows for different Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emission reduction percentages per shipment, based on customer demand

eCommerce Parcel Domestic and Cross-Border GoGreen Plus

Are you a high-volume e-commerce business looking to reduce your environmental impact? With our sustainable domestic and international parcel delivery, we’re committed to first-time and fossil-free last-mile delivery for your customers. 

  • Reduces carbon emissions by leveraging electric vehicles for last-mile delivery, or using alternative sustainable fuels where necessary
  • Includes first-time delivery commitment – delivery to DHL locker or another agreed place to avoid repeat delivery attempts
  • Covers selected geographies outside Germany – contact us to find out more

Sustainable Solutions for Freight Transportation

Minimize your GHG emissions across air, ocean and road freight with our sustainable shipping solutions

Air Freight GoGreen Plus

Do you want to lower your air freight emissions in a flexible and effective way? Air Freight GoGreen Plus means you can reduce GHG emissions by leveraging Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) through our ‘book and claim’ insetting mechanism. 

  • Reduces GHG air freight emissions using ‘book and claim’ insetting mechanism
  • Leverages a sustainable fuel switch from traditional fossil jet fuel to SAF
  • Available on any trade lane worldwide for either one, some or all shipments

Ocean Freight GoGreen Plus

Do you want to lower your ocean freight emissions in a flexible and effective way? Ocean Freight GoGreen Plus enables you to reduce GHG emissions by leveraging Sustainable Marine Fuel (SMF) through our ‘book and claim’ insetting mechanism.

  • Reduces GHG ocean freight emissions using ‘book and claim’ insetting mechanism
  • Leverages a sustainable fuel switch from traditional fossil marine fuel to SMF
  • Available on any trade lane worldwide for either one, some or all shipments

Road Freight GoGreen Plus

Looking for an effective green transport solution that reduces road freight emissions? Pave the way for a more sustainable future with our carbon-insetting road freight product. It not only leverages clean transport technologies across our own road fleet, but also those of our partners.  

  • Reduces GHG emissions through insetting and clean technologies across the DHL fleet
  • Leverages agreements with carriers and other partners who also invest in clean technologies, such as HVO, Bio-LNG and Bio-CNG fuels
  • Drives industry towards lower-emissions alternatives, such as line-haul trucks using hydrogen fuel cells for longer distances, or fully electric vehicles in urban areas
  • Covers all trade lanes with DHL Freight EuroConnect, DHL Freight Eurapid and DHL Freight Euroline and gives flexibility to control costs by selecting number of lanes

Rail Freight (and Multi-Modal Solutions)

Did you know that there’s a freight transport solution that is low in emissions, faster than ocean travel and more cost-efficient than air delivery? Our rail freight option could be the best choice if you want to drive down costs while also reducing your environmental footprint.

  • Provides low-emission freight transport via rail travel
  • Includes strategic network planning and cost-efficient routing
  • Covers Europe – Asia Rail Freight, including LCL, FCL and Block Trains, and Domestic Rail Freight in U.S.

GoGreen Optimization

Avoid CO₂e emissions with green supply chain design (burn less). DHL Global Forwarding is offering guidance to increase carbon efficiency and reduce CO₂e emissions through optimized supply chain design. Together DHL GoGreen explore potential carbon optimization options and identify customer-specific levers with the highest impact on your supply chain, for example modal shifts or consolidation of shipments.

  • Carrier selection
  • Routing optimization
  • Modal shifts
  • Consolidation

Sustainable Contract Logistics Services

A sustainable supply chain starts with the right logistics partner – one that can give you the experience, guidance and support you need, wherever you are in the world

Carbon Neutral Warehousing

By leveraging green electricity, building automation and sustainable heating, our carbon-neutral warehouses are designed with sustainability in mind – helping keep your own warehousing footprint to a minimum.

  • Creates zero operational carbon emissions – achieved through use of 100% renewable energy
  • Leverages renewable energy via net onsite generation, direct purchase or grid certificates, green warehousing technology and water reduction & biodiversity measures
  • Offers 75-100% CO2e reduction in warehouse operations, with a compensation of residual emissions via carbon credits

Sustainable Road Transport

As pioneers of sustainable road transport, we are leading the decarbonization of the logistics industry. By leveraging biofuels and electric vehicle technology, we’re giving you the ability to reduce GHG emissions through our dedicated sustainable road fleet.

  • Uses dedicated sustainable fleet and/or a specialist network
  • Includes optimized and synchronized deliveries to business sites
  • Offers outbound deliveries via low-emission transport – using Bio-LNG, Bio-CNG or hydrotreated vegetable oil (HVO) fuels, or battery-powered electric vehicles

Sustainable Packaging

Choose optimized and sustainable packaging solutions that help you reduce waste and drive down the environmental footprint of your warehouse consumables. Our solutions make it easier to improve the sustainability of your packaging and implement circular packaging models.

  • Applies highest ethical and quality standards
  • Provides sourcing knowledge and purchasing power
  • Optimizes packaging operations to reduce waste and support recycling
  • Leverages equipment to enhance packaging operations and processes
  • Gives access to technology platform and tools for full visibility

Emission Transparency Logistics Solutions

Transparency tools that help you better understand and report on your GHG emissions footprint

DHL GoGreen Dashboard

Need to keep track of your supply chain emissions? Our interactive GoGreen Dashboard is an automated and efficient single-point solution for your company’s carbon footprint across DHL Group divisions.

  • Compliant with ISO14083 Standard and Global Logistics Emissions Council (GLEC) Framework
  • Provides consolidated and standardized emissions data from all DHL Group divisions
  • Includes enhanced reporting insights: emissions across transport modes, lanes, and DHL products

DHL Carbon Calculator

Our carbon calculator makes it easier to work out your emissions – whether that’s for a single shipment, or by simulating the potential impact modal shifts or routing changes will have on emissions.

  • Calculates the carbon footprint of your shipments quickly
  • Includes Air, Ocean, Road, Rail, Barge & Multimodal shipments
  • Compares the impact of different shipment scenarios easily
  • Estimates your carbon reduction potential in seconds
  • Provides CO₂e emissions data for all transportation legs

Carbon Reports for Business Customers

Understand the carbon footprint of your DHL shipments across transport legs, modes and trade lanes. Our carbon reporting is externally verified and in line with the current guidelines and most accepted global standards.

Reach out to your DHL business partner in the relevant division for more information.

  • Illustrates GHG emissions, KPIs and key trade lanes and enables you to follow CO₂e development and trends
  • Meets most global standards: Greenhouse Gas Protocol; ISO 14083:2023 (formerly EN 16258:2012); GLEC framework
  • Gives insights on carbon reduction levers
  • Complies with highest external standards and verified by third-party auditor

Sustainability Insights and Education

Learn more about our GoGreen Plus products from our customer case studies or continue your sustainability journey at our knowledge hub.