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Sustainability Knowledge Hub

Insights and Resources on Sustainable Logistics

Want to learn more about sustainable logistics? We’ve provided everything you need to know to get started – from industry terminology to information on the latest decarbonization technologies. 

Our Sustainability Knowledge Hub features curated content from a range of trusted sources, including our own platforms and external sites. Follow the links below to find relevant information for your business, so you can take the next step on your sustainability journey with confidence. 

Sustainability Terms and Definitions

The development of sustainable logistics has brought with it many new terms and phrases. We’ve put together a helpful glossary so you can familiarize yourself with the latest terminology and what it means.

Sustainability Reporting

Sustainability reporting is crucial in driving positive change. By openly tracking, evaluating and improving your carbon footprint, your business can demonstrate how it’s helping to create a greener future.

Carbon Emission Reporting Frameworks

Tracking your greenhouse gas emissions can be a challenge, especially when customers, countries and programs all require different reporting formats. To help create a universal way of calculating logistics emissions, the Smart Freight Centre (SFC) established the Global Logistics Emissions Council (GLEC). The GLEC reporting framework supports you to:

  • Start reporting
  • Improve data quality
  • Drive action


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DHL Carbon Calculator

This innovative tool simplifies estimating and evaluating your carbon footprint across various transport scenarios. It enables you to quickly calculate the carbon emissions for shipments across Air, Ocean, Road, Rail, Barge and Multimodal transport on a given trade lane.

You can use the Carbon Calculator to:

  • Calculate the carbon footprint of single shipments
  • Easily compare different shipment scenarios
  • Evaluate CO₂e emissions for all transport legs


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Setting Sustainability Targets

Setting GHG emission reduction targets is key to helping you drive down logistics emissions. Clear goals show your commitment to sustainability and can benefit both the environment and your business.

Get Started with the Sustainable Logistics Guidebook

It can be difficult to know where to start on your sustainability journey. With our step-by-step guidebook, you can find out more about the different options available and evaluate what could work for your business.

Start minimizing your transport emissions and decarbonizing your logistics operations by:

  • Calculating your carbon footprint
  • Setting your GHG reduction targets
  • Identifying your carbon reduction levers
  • Selecting and evaluating your key trade lanes
  • Choosing and implementing solutions

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Exploring Sustainable Fuels

Sustainable fuels have an important part to play in the future of logistics. Made from renewable resources, these fuels only release CO2 during combustion that has been absorbed from the air during production. This creates a closed carbon cycle.

Read more about how switching to more sustainable biofuels and e-fuels can effectively reduce CO2e emissions. 

Sustainable Packaging and Circularity

Packaging waste is a major environmental issue. To limit the environmental impact of single-use packaging, we’re striving to use eco-friendly materials and working on reusable packaging solutions.

Latest Technology

The development of decarbonization technologies and sustainable solutions is moving at a significant pace. Follow the links below to read up on the latest advancements in low-emission logistics.

Sustainable Technology in Action

From sea to sky, discover how the latest sustainable technologies have the potential to drive down emissions across the logistics sector. 

Discover more about the latest sustainability technology

The Era of Sustainable Logistics

Supply chains play a vital role in the journey towards sustainability: a change that is pivotal for humanity, our planet, and businesses. Our Era of Sustainable Logistics platform aims to bring together decision-makers, thought leaders and stakeholders for the development of cleaner, greener logistics.