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Higher Standard of Flexible Delivery

In business, one size never fits all. That’s why flexibility is at the core of Parcel Connect. It starts with the standard offering which includes regular pick-ups, road-based network delivery and back-to-sender returns, with a choice of recipient services based on the destination country.

Toolbox of Services

Then there’s the Toolbox. That’s what we call the modular menu of extra service options that fit together around your business, providing extra options for customers. These modules start from the first mile. Instead of a pick-up, do you need to inject your shipments into the DHL network? Do you want to use the network from the country of origin or only in the destination country? Or somewhere between the two? From beginning to end (and back again if needed) the Toolbox offers you an incredible range of affordably flexible delivery options. As you would expect from DHL, those options are growing all the time, with dynamic new services continuously in development.

Your Logistics Partner.

The reason for all this flexibility is obvious. As you grow into more and more European trade lanes, with a greater diversity of customer expectations, your logistics setup has to become more agile. And that’s why we say we’re your logistics partner, not just a provider. By understanding your business and your plans, we can develop solutions that evolve with you. Just as we did for ASOS.

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