To stay ahead of the global E-Commerce curve, merchants need to adapt to the challenges of doing business in a world that changes mercilessly fast. And for that they need the right global E-Commerce partner to keep their business flowing.

“Gotta stay in control, to stay in the flow and continue to grow…”

From experimental beginnings, to the global phenomenon it has become today, thanks in no small part to a pandemic-driven 10 years growth in 3 months, E-Commerce is THE way to shop for nearly 2 billion people. If you’re an online retailer, success can be simply a question of how you manage to keep up with the clicks.

DHL has been there from the start, learning, adapting, innovating. Always there to help customers find the smartest ways of ensuring their shoppers stay happy loyal shoppers. From website optimisation and fulfillment, to last mile delivery or green solutions, DHL’s expertise and unrivalled global logistics network can help customers of any size, in any market and industry sector, to grow and prosper.

Behind every success, there’s a story

From doll makers to boot makers, our customers have used our expertise to grow across the world. Whether it’s finding a gap in the market or creating a completely new one, logistics has played a vital role in helping them expand. Click below to read some of the stories behind our customers’ success, and learn how they kept up with the clicks. 


higher customer return rate after positive delivery experience


faster growth for E-tailers who offer premium shipping


customers abandon carts due to limited shipping options



The nuts and bolts of e-commerce

From warehousing to supply chains and even reverse logistics, understanding the moving parts of e-commerce is essential. These stories are about how to run an efficient and successful e-commerce business – one that keeps up with the clicks by using the latest technology and responding to industry trends with agility and innovation.

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