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Shifting Gears: Accelerating Apac Clinical Trial Logistics in 2021 & Beyond

The landscape is rapidly changing for clinical trial logistics, particularly in the Asia Pacific region, impacted by three significant and evolving trends: digitalization, sustainability, and patient centricity. At the same time, the priorities of clinical trial supply remain unchanged – the rapid delivery of safe and effective products and treatments. 

During this clinical trial supply virtual event, DHL examines how to drive storage and transport efficiencies to ensure a seamless patient experience by using an integrated regional distribution model. In addition, DHL explores increasing agility and reach with a localized supply chain strategy for larger domestic markets, showcasing and detailing this approach in Australia, Japan, and India.

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Leonora Lim

DHL CSI: VP Life Sciences & Healthcare Sector, Asia Pacific

Sanjiv Menon

DHL Express: Director, Global & Multi National (GMNC)

William Low

DHL CSI: Director, Life Sciences and Healthcare, Asia Pacific

  • Leonora has over 20 years of logistics experience in servicing specifically the Life Sciences and Healthcare sector, with over a decade spent in DHL. In her current role, she works very closely across all of the DHL business divisions. Collaborating together with these colleagues, she helps to identify, explore and meet customer needs, develop new solutions, and ultimately drive business growth in the sector across Asia Pacific.

    Additionally, she promotes DHL capabilities in the Life Sciences and Healthcare sector through global conferences and at DHL’s annual schedule of customer-centric events across Asia Pacific and in Singapore. Born and raised in Singapore, Leonora holds an Executive Masters in Business Administration from the Singapore Management University.

  • Sanjiv Menon is the Global and Multinational Industry Director of the South Asia Regional Team for DHL Express, based out of Singapore.

    Sanjiv is the Life Science Industry Lead of DHL Express AP, and has conceptualized many projects including the Frozen Packaging, Reusable Packaging project in AP in the Clinical Trial space.

  • For over 10 years, I’ve been specialized in healthcare logistics, focused on areas such as clinical trial, pharmaceutical, and medical technology. Currently, I head up the strategic development for the life science and healthcare sector across the Asia Pacific region in DHL Supply Chain. I work with global healthcare partners to support their transport and warehousing needs, turning their supply chain into a competitive advantage.

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