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Duty Drawback Services for U.S. Import

DHL Global Forwarding has helped customers recover more than $4 Billion in refunded duties over the last 15 years with a 99% success rate under audit.

$78.8 Billion in duties are collected annually. Total recoveries via drawback were $2 Billion recovered (about 2.5%). Customs estimates another $6 Billion is available for duty drawback each year. Contact our team today to conduct a thorough review of your current drawback program free of charge. Our detailed analysis will reveal any untapped drawback potential under the current regulations.


We have seven licensed Customs Brokers and Duty Drawback Specialists ready to maximize your drawback recovery. We routinely provide our clients with virtual and in-person duty drawback training and education covering all aspects of your duty drawback program.

Industries Served

We are active in duty drawback recoveries for the following industry sectors; Chemicals, Oil and Gas, Aerospace, Pharmaceuticals, Agriculture, Machinery, Textiles and Clothing and Consumer Products.

Audit Support

Our drawback services specialize in maximizing duty drawback programs by identifying all recovery opportunities for our clients and creating a strategy to successfully execute that program. Our complete duty drawback recovery analysis provides you with an accurate snapshot of your current and future drawback potential.

Administrative Support

DHL Duty Drawback Services manages all administrative aspects of your duty drawback program including obtaining necessary records, preparing timely claims, maintaining full compliance, accessing automated duty drawback systems and working as your ongoing customs liaison.

Who is Eligible for Duty Drawback?

Duty drawback is a refund of certain duties paid on imported merchandise when the merchandise is subsequently exported either unused or having undergone a manufacturing process.

Does your company:

  • Export merchandise of a foreign origin
  • Manufacture goods with foreign components and then export them
  • Sell foreign merchandise and/or U.S.-made goods manufactured with foreign components to a domestic company that exports them

If you answered yes to any of the above, you are a candidate for duty drawback.

What are the Benefits of Duty Drawback?

A duty drawback program allows U.S. companies to take advantage of economical foreign materials and uses U.S. labor to produce products for export. This not only helps to create jobs, but also increases company revenue, improves cash flow and enhances global competitiveness.

Did you know that you can also claim duty drawbacks on past exports? Companies can retroactively claim drawback on exports shipped in the past 3 years.

Types of Duty Drawback

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Unused Drawback

If you import merchandise and then export it in essentially the same condition you may be eligible for a refund of duties paid.

Example Scenarios:

Your company imports 500 widgets from Japan. You receive them in the U.S. to examine them for quality and places them into inventory.

A German company then orders 200 widgets, which are removed from your U.S. inventory and exported to the German customer.

The 200 widgets that were exported are eligible for unused drawback.

Manufacturing Drawback

If you import merchandise and that merchandise is significantly changed from its original state and a new and different product is exported, you may be eligible for a refund of duties paid.

Example Scenario:

You import a shipment of 500 widgets from Japan. You received them in the U.S. and place them into inventory.

A German company orders 200 combines. Two widgets are used to each combine. In the manufacturing process the widgets lose their identity and becomes part of the finished combine. You export the 200 combines to the German customer.

The 400 widgets used to make the 200 combines that were exported are eligible for manufacturing drawback.

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