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Foreign Trade Zone Solutions

DHL has become one of the broadest networks of Foreign Trade Zones (FTZ) in the United States. With 14 active sites across the country, DHL offers extensive experience with administration services. Our team of experts can help your company to benefit from these special customs procedures by allowing delayed or reduced duty payments on foreign merchandise, as well as other savings.


Our highly trained Foreign Trade Zone experts are here to support designation and activation of more than a dozen sites including dedicated customer sites and DHL operated sites. Our experts are available to guide you through infrastructure creation and support.

Industries Served

We’ve expanded our service and built comprehensive end-to-end solutions in Life Sciences and Healthcare, Chemicals and Energy, Technology, Consumer Retail, Engineering and Manufacturing, Public Sector and Automotive.

Administrator Support

We manage the administrative aspects of your FTZ business including administering feasibility studies to determine what Foreign Trade Zone solutions are right for you. Our FTZ manager of compliance and regulatory affairs ensures that your business remains in compliance.

Cost Savings

Our Foreign Trade Zone consulting team will take a look at the scope of your business, run data analysis and audit your process in order to find the best fit for your merchandise. We are here to help streamline your supply chain and increase your cost savings along the way.

What is a Foreign Trade Zone?

Foreign Trade Zones (FTZ) are secured, designated locations around the U.S. or near a U.S. Customs Port of Entry where foreign and domestic merchandise is generally considered to be an international commerce and outside of U.S. Customs territory. An FTZ can reduce or eliminate duty on imports and take advantage of other benefits to encourage foreign commerce with the U.S.

Customs duties and taxes will be due only at the time of transfer from the zone to U.S. consumption. No duties or taxes will be paid if you have merchandise that never enters the U.S. commerce.

DHL Foreign Trade Zone U.S. Locations

  • Major FTZ competency Center located in Dallas, TX (DFW)
  • DHL administrators located in Dallas, TX (DFW) and El Paso, TX (ELP)
  • 10 general purpose zones: JFK, ATL, ORD, DFW, MIA, SAN, LAX, SFO, ELP and LRD
  • 5 specific user locations: DFW (2), CMH, MIA and HOU
  • 6 established customer operated sites: SFO, AUS, LEX, GSP, DEN and MLI

Benefits of a Foreign Trade Zone?

The benefits of a Foreign Trade Zone depend on the type of operation involved and authority granted by the Foreign Trade Zones Board and Customs. The use of a Zone can lead to better inventory control and security which results in better compliance with U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) requirements.

Below are some of the benefits that will help you lower your cost and streamline your supply chain.

Duty Deferral

Customs Duties are paid only if and when goods are transferred out of the zone and into U.S. Customs Territory.

Duty Elimination

No duties paid until goods leave the zone. You only pay on final product.

Duty Reduction

Foreign Trade Zone users may elect to pay duties at either the rate of the foreign inputs or the rate applied to the finished product – which is often lower.

Expedite Trade

Direct Delivery reduces transit times for receipt of merchandise. Weekly Entry simplifies the custom entry process.

Inverted Tariff

The finished product results in lower duty rate than the rate on foreign input.

Logistics Benefits

Goods delivered direct to the zone using weekly entry or direct delivery to streamline customs procedures. 

Duty Drawback

Goods placed into a zone are no longer required to file for Duty Drawback to recover duties.


Duty may be reduced on foreign articles that become scrap/waste through FTZ activity.

Vendor Managed Inventory Programs

Receive and store vendor goods within Foreign Trade Zone boundaries.

Other Benefits

Foreign and domestic goods are exempt from state/local inventory taxes.

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