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Air Freight GoGreen Plus

Reduce air freight CO₂ emissions with sustainable aviation biofuels for all trade lanes and shipments

Accelerate the Decarbonization of Your Air Freight Shipments with Insetting

Use certified, sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) with DHL, and reduce 100% of the Tank-to-Wake and up to 80% Well-to-Wake carbon emissions. You can compensate the remaining emissions with VER Gold Standard carbon credits. Decide which scope of your DHL business shall be reduced, and DHL ensures the fuel switch and verification process. We facilitate the complicated part for you!

How Does It Benefit You?

Lead the transition

Air Freight GoGreen Plus accelerates the uptake of SAF in aviation for clean and sustainable air freight

Truly sustainable SMF

It meets the criteria of sustainable production to truly reduce the carbon footprint of your air freight supply chain

Simplify decarbonization

With Book & Claim, we provide you with externally verified certificates for your carbon reduction efforts

How Does It Work?

Insetting is at the core of DHL Air Freight GoGreen Plus, and you can even leverage the combined benefits of Offsetting and Insetting.

Option 1: Insetting

Insetting is the replacement of fossil aviation fuel (jet-fuel) by sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) - one liter of SAF for one liter of fossil jet-fuel!

This reduces emissions in aviation.

Option 2: Insetting + Offsetting

In addition to insetting, compensate emissions via VER Gold Standard carbon credits projects.

This door-to-door approach enables the full lifecycle emission compensation and makes your shipment truly climate-neutral.

Your GoGreen Plus CO₂ Reduction Certificates

With Air Freight GoGreen Plus, insetting is executed by a selected carrier partner on DHL Global Forwarding’s behalf for you.

As a customer, you decide on the scope (trade lane, shipped weight) of the insetting and receive an annual certificate (in PDF format) confirming the exact amount of CO₂ reduced. For this, an independent third-party agency, Société Générale de Surveillance (SGS) verifies that the promised emission reductions were realized. This certificate can be used by you to provide evidence of your Scope 3 emissions reduction (to your own auditors or customers). 

In addition, you can request a monthly Carbon Report & GoGreen Plus Report, detailing your overall emissions & reductions with DHL Global Forwarding.

Get In Touch

Start leading the transition to clean and sustainable air freight and reduce your CO₂ emissions – reach out to your GoGreen Experts today. 

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