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Case Studies

We are proud to be the Retail and Fashion sector’s leading logistics partner.

Discover the bespoke solutions we developed alongside our customers to overcome logistics challenges within the Retail and Fashion sector.

Retail and Fashion Customer Case Studies

We are a global leader offering integrated, reliable, and flexible logistics solutions. Explore our selected logistics use cases to see DHL in action.

Ocean Freight Expedited Line Haul Service

Accelerated, reliable ocean shipment from China to the Americas with dedicated origin pickup and final destination delivery.

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Multimodal Inbound Delivery

Flexible, best-fit selection of transportation modes to ensure goods from distant sources arrive safely and on schedule.

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Standardized Fulfilment

Enabling fast delivery, efficient returns, and a great customer experience for online and offline sales.

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Direct-to-Consumer (B2C)

Speed, cost, and visibility – delivering retail and fashion items direct from manufacturer to consumer.

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Fashion Case Studies

We provide expert logistics support to the fashion sector, working closely with our customers to develop specialized solutions. 

Order Management Solutions

How to grow business and scale operations to new stores without a costly investment in infrastructure

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Luxury Customer Case Studies

As a trusted partner in the luxury goods logistics sector, we go the extra mile to support high-end brands with their logistics needs. Read below a selection of our real-life customer case studies in the luxury sector.

Customs Clearance and Air Freight 

Luxury Brand Improved Clearance and Delivery Performance to 95% and Streamlined Cross-Brand Communications.

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New Market Expansion 

How a Brand both found a compliance partner for their expansion and dramatically streamlined boutique deliveries.

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Urgent Delivery 

Italian Luxury Fashion Brand makes tight Beijing delivery and unveils new collection – for the first time ever outside Paris.

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