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Luxury Goods Logistics

We go the extra mile in the luxury goods sector, helping our customers deliver joy

DHL is a trusted partner in the luxury goods logistics sector, collaborating with big-name brands on initiatives like our Luxury and Fashion Forums and developing a mutual understanding of how logistics can help them exceed customer expectations. Relying on our global network of facilities and our customs brokerage and clearance services, luxury brands can get sought-after products to customers quickly and efficiently worldwide. We provide specialized luxury goods logistics services to ensure high-value items arrive in perfect condition. They include environment-controlled storage, secure transport, premium last-mile delivery and even a white-glove service: essential for a premium experience for every consumer, whether they shop in-store or online.

We provide solutions designed to address current trends in Luxury logistics such as:

Brand Integrity



E-commerce Growth

Value-Added Services


Explore Our Case Studies

We are committed to supporting and advancing the future of retail and fashion. Please take a look at our Retail and Fashion case studies below to see our solutions in action. Review more Retail and Fashion Logistics case studies

Offer a Premium Delivery Experience Worldwide

If you do not have a dedicated DHL Luxury Logistics point of contact yet, simply leave your details below and our luxury experts will get in touch with you. Leverage our global network and tailored services to extend your in-store experience, and ensure the safe and reliable transportation and delivery of your high-value products.

The Logistics of Luxury

We provide luxury goods logistics to some of the world’s most iconic high-end brands. We deliver the tailored, sophisticated logistics services they deserve. From sourcing quality materials in remote locations to delivering a great brand experience for consumers, we specialize in:

Services Tailored to Fit 

We align our services with our customers’ high-end logistics requirements. We can transport and consolidate shipments, break them down, custom-package them and disperse them via cross-docking or warehousing to stores and end-customers. We do it all seamlessly, securely and cost-effectively.


DHL’s air, ocean, rail and road transport network enables us to deliver goods globally and sustainably by consolidating shipments and making the best use of alternative fuels, electric vehicles and mode optimization to reduce emissions throughout the supply chain.

Security and Anti-Counterfeiting

DHL’s robust security improves end-to-end visibility and protects the integrity of high-demand, high-value shipments. We have TAPA-accredited facilities worldwide, provide track and trace capabilities, warehouse inspections, certification, customer reporting and a rigorous investigations process.

Bespoke Last-Mile Services

DHL is working with luxury brands to develop solutions that mirror the in-store luxury experience for online shoppers when we deliver to their door – for example, via white-glove services, on-demand delivery (ODD), facilitating immediate returns for unsuitable items or providing enhanced product support.

Supply Chain Design

Demand for luxury goods is growing, especially in markets across the Asia Pacific region. DHL designs sustainable, scalable end-to-end supply chains. We leverage our global air freight capacity, a network of regional and local distribution centers and local specialist teams to move goods around the world quickly and reliably.

E-commerce Support

E-commerce opportunities for luxury brands are booming, and DHL’s e-commerce experts can help our customers to make the most of them, from advice on augmenting e-commerce platforms to optimizing fast deliveries and returns from more than 220 countries.

Navigating Duties and Taxes

We help our luxury brand customers avoid hidden charges to maximize profit and supercharge their growth. Our delivery duties paid (DDP) service allow customers to build duty and taxes into their pricing strategies so minimizing cost confusion and enhancing the customer experience.

Demand Flexibility

The global luxury goods sector is experiencing an exceptional period of growth as more consumer groups focus on investing in quality. The sector is now also experiencing periods of peak demand that need agile global luxury goods logistics with capacity flexibility and advanced visibility.

Connecting on Luxury

Luxury and Fashion Forums

We stage our Luxury and Fashion Forums around the world for logistics executives from across the sector to come together and connect. Working together adds significant value through the exchange of ideas, information and opinions while allowing everyone the chance to learn from one another's experiences. Explore more on our forums in Singapore, Dubai, Cologne and New York.