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The path toward zero emissions

Business · 4 min read

DHL and GoGreen's Plan for Zero Emissions By 2050

As a global logistics leader, DHL has been setting the bar high for years in our industry – and that includes going green.

That’s because we feel a strong sense of responsibility to reduce our carbon footprint, and to use our size and global reach to improve people’s lives. We play an important role in global trade, and therefore the global economy, but our values drive us to do business in a way that keeps our greenhouse gas emissions as low as possible.

And we’ve been doing it now for over a decade, through a Group-wide environmental protection program we call GoGreen. After reaching many green milestones and achieving a significant improvement in our carbon efficiency, we’ve raised the bar once again: now our 'Mission 2050' is to reduce all logistics-related emissions to zero by the year 2050.

Here’s a timeline of what we’ve achieved so far:

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The pathway to zero doesn’t stop there. The next milestone is right around the corner:



With 2050 still a long way off – and zero emissions logistics clearly a huge challenge – Deutsche Post DHL Group has set a series of interim goals to ensure focus and measure progress:

1.     Increase carbon efficiency by 50% compared to 2007 levels

2.     Operate 70% of own first and last mile services with clean pick-up and delivery solutions

3.     Incorporate Green Solutions into more than 50% of sales

4.     Certify 80% of employees as GoGreen specialists

Lowering Carbon Dioxide emissions is just one of the ways forward-thinking companies are changing how they do business. Globalization offers both opportunities and responsibilities, and the future will be in the hands of those global businesses that deliver social benefits, sustainable environments and value in the broadest sense around the world. The logistics industry is a key player in this new paradigm.

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