Sanae Boukhana
Sanae Boukhana
Experienced International Marketing Advisor, dedicated to driving progress and fostering lasting change through strategic initiatives.
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This weekend, Formula E, the world’s first all-electric motorsport championship, roars into London on the latest stop of its epic world tour. 

Managing the transportation of over 415 tons of Formula E cargo for 16 races in 11 iconic world cities, DHL has been the Official Logistics Partner of the event since 2014. With their shared history in driving sustainable innovations, DHL and Formula E have formed the perfect partnership. 

“DHL helped bring Formula E to life and has been a valued partner ever since,” said Alberto Longo, Co-Founder & Chief Championship Officer at Formula E. “DHL plays a critical function in the delivery of every race event around the world, pioneering cutting edge solutions in efficiency and sustainability, making them a perfect fit for the championship and our mission.”  

DHL airplane and formula e vehicle facing each other

Earlier this year, Formula E introduced its Gen3 model: the fastest, lightest, most powerful and efficient electric race car ever built. “We are racing at the very limit of innovation, pushing the boundaries of development in EV technology, and defining the future of motorsport,” said Alberto. 

Its grand unveiling came just months after DHL made aviation history by successfully completing the maiden flight of its first-ever fully electric cargo plane (with plans for a full fleet by 2027.) These two landmark events symbolize the shared values of the two companies; DHL’s iconic yellow and Formula E’s blue colors combining to become “Together Green”. 

Now More Than Ever

Amidst the noise and excitement of the London event will be a mural hosted by Co-Creative Connection. The interactive piece will feature children’s drawings reflecting their interpretations of sustainability. 

Co-Creative Connection is a design collective which champions the power of collaboration to make a positive impact in communities. Drawing together with the children will be Co-Creative Connection’s founder, Rose Hill, a multi-award-winning graphic artist, muralist, and educator, whose passion for bringing people together through art has already seen her work with ZSL London Zoo and the British Museum.  

Children are those whose world will be most impacted by the actions we take today, so what better symbol than a piece of art created by them?  

As the world’s most international company, DHL Express has made huge commitments to ensure its impact on the world is positive, including: 

  • Electrifying its last-mile fleet 
  • Designing new buildings to be carbon neutral 
  • Dedicated GoGreen Plus solutions to help customers reduce their emissions with the use of Sustainable Aviation Fuel   

A lasting legacy

By the time Season 9 of the Formula E championships is complete, DHL will have traveled over 89,000 kilometers, using biofuels for all road and sea freight to ensure the most sustainable journey.  

As the cargo is packed up and the iconic cars retired for the foreseeable, the mural will remain – a legacy of the impact of the “Together Green” partnership and the power of two innovative brands coming together to build a brighter tomorrow.