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Exporting to Italy

E-commerce advice · 10 min read

Country Guide: Italy

From the leaning tower of Pisa, to Rome’s famous Colosseum, to the Vatican’s Sistine Chapel, few countries can rival Italy for breathtaking architecture. And of course – there’s pizza. all reasons why over 60 million tourists visit Italy each year. But beyond its rich cultural history, what trade opportunities does Europe’s fourth largest economy offer e-commerce businesses? Read on to find out if La Dolce Vita is for you.

Beyond being a perfect holiday destination, Italy could be a lucrative sales market for your business. Whilst Italy has historically had one of the lowest rates of e-commerce penetration in Europe, the pandemic has had a transformative effect, with online shopping growing at triple digit rates. Many industry forecasts predict this will be the catalyst for new investment in logistics infrastructure, making Italy an exciting market to watch.

There’s no hiding that Italians love their fashion – after all, they gave the world Armani, Versace, Prada and Gucci – and the country is the largest market for luxury goods in Europe. But what other products are in demand?

Read the DHL Express Country Guide to Italy and discover:

  • An overview of Italy’s e-commerce market
  • Italian consumers’ buying behaviors
  • What products are in demand  
  • What these opportunities mean for your e-commerce business
  • What you need to know before you start exporting to Italy
Anna Thompson
Anna Thompson Discover content team

Download the infographic here

Be part of an Italian renaissance. Read the DHL Express guide to trading with Italy, Europe’s fourth largest economy.

Download the infographic here
Download the infographic here

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