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Shipping Guide For Top 4 Care Package Items Exported To Canada
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One popular method of showing support to family and friends in Canada is by shipping over care packages. But navigating the complexities of international shipping guides can prove challenging. To simplify this process, below is a series of tips on how to ship a package to your loved ones in Canada with DHL Express. It includes popular shipping items, pertinent shipping regulations and answers all your frequently asked questions such as how much is the shipping to Canada going to cost.

1. How to Ship Fashion Items

Fashion items such as clothing, handbags and shoes are a popular export in Hong Kong for individuals sent to Canada. 

Other popular fashion items that can be shipped in care packages to Canada include the following, scarves, gloves, hats, bags, pants, shirts, jackets, etc. However, do check if your items include animal skin, leather, fur and if so, they must be declared on the import form and accompanied by a certificate from the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES). Remember to check for items including copyrighted works and diamonds as these items are also prohibited. 

If you're thinking about how to ship clothing to Canada, ensure your parcel is packed securely with the label firmly taped on. The label should include an accurate declaration of all items for export to ensure the customs clearance goes smoothly. For each item, you will need to provide ana HS code and a detailed item description. For example, a red men’s sweater may have the HS code 61051000 which covers ‘shirts knitted or crocheted of cotton for men or boys.’ The HS codes are highly specific so ensure you find the one which best fits each item you are shipping. 

2. How to Ship Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Popular PPE items included in care packages shipped to Canada include masks, test kits, sanitisers and alcohol wipes. In Canada, PPE equipment is considered a Class I product and is considered a ‘medical device.’ Hence, people seeking to deliver these items to their loved ones will be glad to hear that alcohol wipes, face masks, and sanitisers exported for personal use have minimal restrictions. However, do note that the import restrictions change between regions. Also, it is a requirement that alcohol sanitisers or wipes have to be kept in their original equipment and PPE items have to be placed in a box for shipping. If you have been shipping these items to loved ones in Canada, there is one change to be aware of when shipping PPE. Previously in 2020, the Canadian government passed the Certain Goods Remission Order (COVID-19), which offered tariff relief for eligible goods and lower costs for importing medical supplies, including PPE. However, this order has since been repealed on May 7 2022, meaning that shipping these goods to Canada will be subject to standard import taxes and duties again.

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3. How to Ship Electronics

To ensure your electronic equipment such as mobile phones, laptops, gaming devices, tablets, wireless earphones  to Canada delivers quickly and securely, ensure the package is appropriately packed as electronics can be fragile when mishandled. For individuals wondering how to ship electronics while protecting them against damage, DHL recommends the box-in-box packing technique for the transportation of all electronic goods. Follow these steps below to do so:

  • Pack the product with its original packaging complete with inner cushioning material.

  • If you're unable to use the original packaging, wrap the item in multiple layers of bubble wrap to ensure a cushioning layer with at least 6cm of thickness protects the item.

  • Look for a strong outer box that is at least 14cm larger than the inner box in all dimensions. A dual-wall box is recommended for heavier items

  • Place 6cm of filler material on the vase of the outer box before placing the inner box inside. Make sure a gap of at least 6cm is ensured on all sides before surrounding the inner box with additional filler material. It is advisable to fill all available space for the best results.

  • Foam corners can also be used to maintain a sufficient gap between the inner and outer box, although they may not be as effective an option. 

  • Close and seal the box by H-taping with pressure-sensitive tape.

Also, lithium batteries should be separated from the electronics and customers can follow the guidelines to ship them safely. If your electronic items are particularly valuable, you may want to consider purchasing shipping insurance. This will often cover any damage or loss that occurs during the shipping process. If you decide to ship with DHL Express, our insurance coverage will insure the actual value of your package in the case of an unusual event or unforeseen circumstance that it gets damaged or lost in our care.

4. How to Ship Household Goods

When immigrating to Canada, it may not be practical to bring over a large number of household goods and accessories such as bed sheets, comforters, blankets and curtains. Space limits, price, and packing time can all mean that sentimental items and household necessities get left behind. Friends and family in Hong Kong can help with this, but first need to understand how to ship household goods to Canada.

The Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) ensures that people and items coming into Canada meet the legal requirements. Any household goods shipped to Canada will need to be cleared with the CBSA before it passes onto the recipient. You can ensure your household goods parcel moves through this process smoothly by getting in touch with a CBSA member. They can guide you through legal and practical requirements for shipping household accessories to Canada. Before doing so, it’s best to ensure that no items intended for shipping are prohibited.

How To Start Shipping  With DHL Express

Sending a care package to your friends and family in Canada doesn’t have to be complicated. Following this shipping guide can help you get started with your parcel delivery. But if customs, taxes and duties, and packaging requirements seem complicated, then engaging DHL Express is the perfect way to make sure your care package is sent off without a hitch. We offer an array of flexible shipping solutions that are simple to use.

If you want to arrange courier pickup at your door front, you can ship online via MyDHL+ -  an intuitive platform which allows you to manage shipments, payments and tracking through an easy to use dashboard. Through this platform, users can get a time and rate quote to find out how much is the shipping to Canada too.This allows you and the recipient to track your parcel’s progress and stay up-to-date on the shipment status. You can also visit DHL ServicePoints to drop off parcels with ease using DHL Express Easy. It is a convenient service where customers can use dedicated envelopes and boxes at ServicePoints to ensure easy international shipping of their items at affordable rates. To facilitate a convenient and efficient experience at ServicePoint, use the online queuing system DHL HK Line to select a preferred date and time to visit us. This, alongside our  self-service waybill service where customers can prepare the waybill themselves, means you can speed up the shipment handling process at the counter. Open a DHL Express business account today and ensure your shipments will be delivered to your loved ones safely and promptly.