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All You Need to Know About Shipping Care Package Items to the UK
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Do you have friends or family members residing in the UK? If you’d like to send them a care package, this article is for you. We will address some frequently asked questions about sending care package items to the UK. 

What are some popular care package items sent from Hong Kong to the UK? 

Popular care package items sent from Hong Kong to the UK include the following: 

  • Fashion items: T-shirts, pants, bags, hats, jackets, shoes, etc. Remember to check if your items contain animal skin or fur, or material that’s subject to the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES). Certain items may require pre-approval and special permits. If in doubt, please approach the DHL Express team for assistance. 
  • Household accessories: Towels, blankets, home decorations, bed sheets, water bottles, etc. 
  • PPE: Masks, test kits. When shipping test kits, make sure to prepare the material safety data sheet (MSDS) as a supporting document for your shipment, as well as the manufacturer’s details. This is to prove that your shipment is not classified as a dangerous good. 
  • Watches: Shipments below the value of EUR€5,000 can be sent without prior approval. For shipments above that value, please contact the DHL Express team for assistance. 
  • Electronic equipment: Notebook, microphone, digital camera, adaptor, cables, electronic toothbrush, etc. Generally, it is alright to have a notebook computer containing one lithium ion battery not more than 100Wh and shipment weight does not exceed 5kg, but it is always good to check the regulations before shipping. There are also specific guidelines to follow when shipping hearing aids and Bluetooth earbuds. Please reach out to our specialists for more information. 
  • Food/dried food: Examples of commonly shipped food items include crackers, chips, powdered milk tea, tea leaves, dried scallop, cup noodles, dried mushrooms, dried soup ingredients and sea cucumber. Before sending food to the UK, please reach out to DHL Express HK for pre-approval. 

Can I send medicine to the UK via DHL Express? 

Medicine classified under “pharmaceutical products” or “drugs” is under license control and prohibited from shipments sent by private individuals. Only manufacturers with valid export licenses issued by the drug office are allowed to send medication by post to the UK.

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Shipping vitamins and supplements from Hong Kong to the UK is generally allowed unless the products fall into the classifications listed in this webpage. If in doubt, please approach the DHL Express team for assistance.

How long does it take to send a parcel from Hong Kong to the UK? 

The time it takes to send a parcel from Hong Kong to the UK may vary depending on your choice of courier and transportation. Sea shipments may take up to a few months to arrive, while air shipments typically take a few days. If your shipment is urgent or contains perishable items, we recommend sending your parcel by air, which will take about 1-3 days via DHL Express. You may check the specific lead time for your shipment on MyDHL+. 

What’s the most economical shipping option from Hong Kong to the UK?

If you are a personal shipper looking for an economical shipping option from Hong Kong to the UK, consider visiting DHL Express ServicePoints to use Express Easy – a one-stop international delivery service that includes free and easy-to-use packaging for shipments between 0.5kg and 25kg. 

For other types of shipments, consider using MyDHL+, our one-stop online shipment management solution to create and track shipments, get quotes, schedule pick-ups and more. Beat the queues with our DHL HK Line service, which allows you to pick a convenient time slot before dropping off your parcel at one of our ServicePoints. Finally, streamline your shipping process even further by trying DIY Waybill, our e-tool for waybill preparation for sending shipments at ServicePoints If you have a Business Registration Number, you may sign up for a DHL Express Business Account and enjoy offers on regular shipping.