How To Ship Parcels From Hong Kong To The UK

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Shipping parcels from Hong Kong to the United Kingdom (UK) has become more common recently. Many Hong Kongers in both markets are staying connected through international delivery as a more personal way to keep in touch and exchange products that may only be available in a single market.

Whether for personal or business reasons, you might find yourself needing to send a parcel from Hong Kong to the UK. We’ve put together key shipping tips and UK customs regulations to help you ensure your delivery arrives safely in the receiver’s hands.

1. Customs duties and taxes

All parcels travelling from Hong Kong to the UK are subject to a Customs Duty and Value-Added Tax (VAT), which is typically borne by the receiver. These additional fees apply even if the item is a personal gift. Under DHL Express a sender with a DHL account can choose to pay these costs on the receiver’s behalf. In these cases, DHL will invoice customers for any duties or taxes paid along with a small administration fee.

Navigating through another country’s customs requirements can get confusing, which is why DHL Express offers a variety of Customs Services that senders can opt for. These can range from facilitating shipment acceptance enquiry for selected commodities such as foodstuffs and medicine; to multiline entry for shipments containing multiple commodities or originating from different countries of manufacture. All necessary licences or permits should be provided by the shipper, and attached to the shipment before pick-up by our couriers.

2. Restricted or prohibited goods

Certain prohibited goods and commodities will not be able to pass customs in the UK even if proper documentation is in order, whereas restricted goods may need to meet specific conditions before being accepted by customs. Prohibited goods for shipment to the UK include live animals, fish, or birds; and loose precious stones. Restricted goods include laptop computers which can contain each package can contain maximum 2 batteries (<= 100Wh) or 4 cells (<= 20Wh) for battery type of UN3481-PI967 (Li-ion batteries contained in equipment).

3. Required documents for customs clearance

All DHL Express shipments have a dedicated waybill and two sets of commercial or proforma invoice. This typically includes all required and relevant documentation to make the customs clearance process smooth, from start to finish.

Apart from the waybill, shipments of certain goods or commodities may require further destination-specific documentation. Shipments to the UK from outside the European Union require an Economic Operator Registration and Identification (EORI) number as well. Upon securing your EORI number, a corresponding VAT registration number (VRN) will be permanently attached to your shipment until it is delivered.

4. How long does it take to ship parcels from Hong Kong to the UK?

The time taken to complete a shipment delivery from Hong Kong to the UK can vary according to supply chain conditions. As a versatile and dedicated international last-mile delivery specialist, DHL Express offers various value-added services for parcel delivery to the UK, including:

  • Express 9AM/10.30AM/12PM delivery for time-sensitive deliveries
  • Express Worldwide and Express Easy delivery for end-of-day delivery

Senders can further improve the shipping experience with Optional Services such as Dedicated Pickup if the pickup takes place outside normal business hours. Other add-ons that may benefit senders include Shipment Insurance to protect valuable goods or items, and Extended Liability for valuable documents such as passports, visa applications, or regulatory certificates

Shipping from Hong Kong to the UK with DHL Express

Sending your parcels from Hong Kong to the UK is made easy with DHL Express’ convenient and versatile international last-mile delivery services. Create a business account with DHL Express today to enjoy our international shipping expertise.