Doing business in Germany

Anna Thompson
Discover content team
10 min read
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They are famously efficient, but what really makes the Germans tick? From philosophers and thinkers to engineers and scientists, Germany has a reputation for excellence, stability and corporate efficiency, so where are the opportunities for new business within the world’s fourth-largest economy?

Covid-19 inflicted a deep recession, but Germany’s bouncing back. Manufacturing is leading the way, with orders exceeding pre-crisis levels. As Europe’s biggest economic powerhouse revs up and gets back on track, there are exciting avenues opening up – if you know where to look.  

As ever, the key is to understand the business landscape and culture. And, predictably, they’re much more nuanced than you might imagine. This translates to the e-commerce arena, where German customers are among the most demanding and quality focused in Europe. To make the grade, you need to get into the mindset, the vision and the business etiquette. Do it right, and you have access to a maket of over 72 million e-shoppers. If you’d like to be part of it, that’s more than possible. Read our full guide to find out how.       

Country Guide: Germany

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Country Guide: Germany
Country Guide: Germany