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Country Shipping FAQs



If you are shipping to China you are recommended to send shipments of up to USD 700 in value. Anything exceeding this amount might result in additional delay and/or duties.

The full recipient details has to be indicated clearly on the paperwork (Air WayBill/Invoice). Personal shipments should be shipped in reasonable quantities, if not it might alert the destination customs and incur additional delay and/or duties.

Meat, seafood, and yolk related products are prohibited to send into China.

It is important to clearly list down all the contents and their value when sending a personal shipment.

Items not described clearly, or without the supporting paperwork will cause delays with Chinese customs. You are recommended to speak to our Customer Service advisors if you are unfamiliar with the requirements.

Restricted commodities are not limited hence you are encouraged to contact our Customer Service advisors to have a better understanding of the customs requirements if you are unfamiliar or sending a commodity for the first time.

It is important to ensure that all required documentation is included with your shipment when sending to China. This includes a waybill, invoice, packing list, and sales contract (if applicable), which must consist of incoterms, Change Of Origin (COO), actual value, full description of items, and other information. False or ambiguous declaration of goods will lead to clearance delays and a heavy penalty. The invoice/packing list must be typewritten with no manual changes. Manual invoice/packing list is only accepted for personal effects. The receiver's phone number is mandatory for all WPX and DOX (Document Express) shipments into China.


When you ship to India your shipments amounting to more than USD 1,600 might incur additional delay due to formal clearance and/or duties.

It is important to note that every parcel shipment requires the completion of the KYC document. The KYC document has to be completed by the consignee and can be done at

Used or refurbished goods are not allowed to be sent to India.

Information on the contents of the shipment must be clearly indicated with the correct value to support.

Sending ‘Personal Shipments’ to India will impose various requirements on the importer. It is important to note the differences of sending personal shipments for the purpose of relocation, or personal shipments for the purpose of a gift to an individual.

Relocation: Sender and recipient should be the same on the paperwork. The sender has to be present with his/her valid passport to receive the shipment. The original letter from the embassy should also be accompanied within the shipment for authenticity and verification.

Gift: The recipient is required to complete the KYC form at Gifts or shipments to individuals will also incur duties or taxes based on the type of commodity and should be only sent in reasonable amounts.


Shipments with value for than RM500 may incur additional delay due to formal clearance. For Custom duty and/or taxes amounting more than USD 200, consignee’s approval for payment would be required before the release of the shipment from customs.

It is important to ensure that you provide a clear description and value along with the proper supporting documents (if required) when you ship to Malaysia. Failure to comply may result in additional delay and/or duties.

When shipping electronics to Malaysia, please ensure that recipient has a SIRIM approved permit.

Breakdown of item must be listed clearly in the invoice copy with item header listed as “Used Personal Effects”.

A permit is required for importing Electrical Goods into Malaysia even if it’s listed under “Personal Effects”.

All food stuff, even for personal use (including grain), approval for import must be obtained from Government Agricultural Department/Health ministry. Please ensure that the food stuffs are commercially packed with brand, expiry date and ingredients. It may take additional 48hrs (Mon-Fri Business hours) for clearance.  

Individual are not allowed to import beauty products. All beauty products can only be imported by Cosmetic Notification Holder (CNH) and they must be registered company in Malaysia. 

We believe in facilitating a smooth journey for your parcels, and for that, your next step must be to prepare your shipping invoice. The main purpose of the shipping invoice is for importers and exporters to declare the value of goods for customs clearance. Make sure you describe the package and its contents clearly.

Do note that the Malaysian Customs no longer accepts proforma invoices for clearance purposes. This means that shipments sent to Malaysia using a proforma invoice may be delayed. DHL customs clearance team will seek assistance from the consignee in order to obtain a commercial invoice.

Note: Do not seal the invoice within the shipment box. If your shipment contains multiple items, then make sure your invoice gives a breakdown of each item. However, if you are shipping documents, then an invoice is not needed.