DHL eCommerce Solutions, one of the divisions of DHL, is a world leader in both domestic and international parcel delivery, helping businesses grow within and beyond borders.

With over 35,000 people moving more than a billion parcels each year, you’ll find Certified eCommerce Specialists all across Europe, North America, Asia and India, delivering excellence all over the globe.

Whether you’re a private customer looking to send a parcel locally, a small business searching for standard domestic delivery services or a large e-commerce player wanting to simplify your shipping solutions, we offer products that meet your needs.  

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In Europe, you might know us better as DHL Parcel. We operate a number of domestic last mile services plus the largest cross-border delivery network in Europe, through our product DHL Parcel Connect. 

Rest of World

In North America and Asia, including India and Oceania, we provide standard domestic and international parcel delivery, primarily for business customers. With e-commerce shipping and fulfilment solutions we help to enable business.