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DHL eCommerce inaugurates 100,000th access point

DHL eCommerce offers the largest out-of-home (OOH) parcel network in Europe and celebrates the opening of the 100,000th location, located in Poland. Read on to find out more about the growing demand for flexible delivery options or to find an access point near you.

The largest & densest network in Europe

With 80,000 ServicePoints and 20,000 parcel lockers, in 28 countries

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Our access points are conveniently located and perfect if your buyers are not home to receive a parcel. Many ServicePoints (Parcel Shops) are open early, until late. Whereas our parcel lockers allow you to send and receive parcels around the clock.

With the demand for parcel collection and drop off points in urban and metropolitan areas growing, having locations close to a home or a workplace to send, return and collect parcels from is extremely important for today’s shoppers. And, could even make or break a sale on your e-commerce site if the shopper doesn’t have the delivery provider and choice they want*. Read more about the growing demand for flexible delivery options here.

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Growing demand for flexible delivery options

As online shoppers increasingly ask for reliable, affordable, and sustainable delivery and return services - DHL eCommerce supports them by offering convenient and flexible services via the access point network. This is also underlined by the results of our Online Shopper Survey (launching very soon). Some of the highlights are below:

24% of European respondents said they want their parcels delivered to access points.

47% of Europeans interviewed said their experience would be improved if more delivery options such as ServicePoints and parcel lockers were closer to their home.*

In comparison globally….

  • Asia-Pacific: 11%
  • Sub-Saharan Africa: 8.5%
  • North America: 7.5%
  • Middle East and North Africa: 6.5%
  • Latin America: 6%

With many global shoppers preferring to have their parcels delivered to their home or a safe place.*

Polish consumers are leading the way in how they want their parcels delivered, with 55% preferring a delivery to a locker or a parcel shop.

Therefore, it is unsurprising that Poland has the second densest access point offering in Europe, after Germany*. And, this is where our 100,000th access point was opened.

70% of European online shoppers expect to be able to change the delivery option at the last minute*.

Therefore, the need for a logistics partner who can cater to all delivery and returns needs is very high. With one of the largest footprints in Europe in high-traffic urban and metropolitan areas, DHL eCommerce offers flexibility and scale to its customers.

Sustainable delivery through access points.

Furthermore, collection from access points also plays an integral part regarding a more sustainable delivery as ServicePoints and lockers save up to 30% of emissions. The Online Shopper Survey shows that 30% of Europeans would switch to collection to make their delivery more sustainable over having longer delivery times or paying more.*

Selling and Sending to Europe?

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