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At DHL, we understand that business-to-business is different. So we’ve created Parcel Connect Plus. 

What is Parcel Connect Plus?

It’s a service designed especially for companies involved in European cross-border business-to-business e-commerce. It combines our global expertise with the local knowledge of our best-in-class domestic networks. The result is the simplest but most flexible business-to-business shipping solution available.

All our European markets 

With Parcel Connect Plus, you’ve no need to deal with multiple delivery companies, each using a different system. Instead, you get the ultimate in simplicity: one label that will take your shipment cross-border to any business premise within our European markets. And one dedicated DHL representative who does the hard work for you – managing your product safely through our best-in-class network.

The weights and volumes you need 

If you’re shipping business-to-business, you’ll almost certainly need extra flexibility in terms of weight and bulk. That’s why, with Parcel Connect Plus, you can send up to 999 parcels – single parcels up to 31.5 kg or pallets combining parcels from 31.5 kg to 1.000 kg, up to a maximum of 2.500 kg – in a multi-piece shipment.

Cost-saving multi-colli option

By including several pieces in a single shipment, you can save on costs. Better still, although you send all pieces as a shipment, each piece has its own unique shipment data and can be tracked, end-to-end, individually. That way, you’ll never lose sight of a single one of them.

At least two delivery attempts

Our business-to-business deliveries always take place within normal working hours. Despite this, sometimes your customer may not be present, in which case, we’ll go back for another try. And if the delivery is successful, you’ll have proof via a customer signature for extra piece of mind.

A bespoke fit for your business-to-business needs

We’ve designed Parcel Connect Plus as a solution to the main challenges involved in business-to-business cross-border shipping. But if yours is a larger, more complex operation, we can design and tailor a bespoke solution for you, including helping you test and implement it. We also offer several extra service benefits on request, including the shipping of dangerous goods in limited quantities, lithium batteries, and bulky items in parcel shipments; and direct injection into destination or transit, all delivered with market-leading customer service. Your Parcel Connect Plus representative will help find the perfect solution for your needs – excellent B2B customer service is an integral part of our service!

Shall we call you?

Arrange a call with one of our business-to-business e-commerce experts to discuss how Parcel Connect Plus could work for your operation. There’s no obligation – just a look at how we can save your business time, hassle and money!

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