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Our network is built on the global footprint of DHL - with a presence in more than 220 territories worldwide and major transport hubs, gateways and service centres throughout Europe. 

This industry-leading DHL delivery infrastructure gives today’s e-commerce businesses the flexibility they need. Goods transported through the network can be handled at sorting centres in the origin, transit and destination country before delivery. 

And that’s where our network starts to get really clever. 

In countries such as Portugal, Germany or the Netherlands where DHL has the strongest local presence, your goods will be delivered by a DHL courier. In other countries, our carefully selected partners will take care of the last mile delivery – working under the common DHL Parcel Connect product standard. This ensures that every customer in every country receives a uniform level of quality service. We call it the Parcel Union - the perfect fit of DHL's global network and our partner providers' local solutions and knowledge.

If you send high volumes of shipments to customers in key trade lanes, you can use Parcel Connect to build a bespoke direct injection solution. This means you can ‘inject’ shipments directly into our network at the origin or destination country - maybe from a local warehouse in the region - or even at a point along the supply chain, reducing transit times and associated costs. 

Our network can provide you with both local pick-ups and direct injections for extra convenience, providing more flexible logistics solutions.

That service incorporates returns as well. As part of the Parcel Connect standard, our network also collects returned goods from your customer, their local locker or service point and brings them back to you, providing the option of flexible returns for customers. 

If you have a large return ratio, you can even choose to collate returned goods to reduce transit costs, or even have them sent to another warehouse, for inspection and sorting perhaps. 

Whichever you choose, our network is designed to handle your goods in the most efficient way possible from A to B and back again.

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