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One delivery label, everywhere.

Simplicity. It’s about doing more with less. Like printing one shipment label that works in 28 different countries, designed for automatic sorting, faster transit times and lower production costs.

Doing more with data

It’s about optimizing one set of data, so with a few standardized fields, shipment information can be streamed to any destination country in the DHL network with minimal set up or programming. And that data can then be used to monitor your shipment’s progress, in real time, right across Europe. And generate reports of all the key transport metrics your business needs.

Easily integrated IT

Simplicity is integrating one IT interface into your existing systems. A single interface that can be built into your webshop or 3rd party sales platform, or accessed via an online portal. That’s so effortless you can just transfer or input consignment details, or upload a CSV file to get your shipments booked, cleared and ready to roll.

Optimizing e-commerce logistics

But most of all, simplicity is having one totally optimized e-commerce logistics product that handles all your deliveries and returns, anywhere in Europe. That accepts all your shipments due to its generous weight and dimension limit, insures them against loss or damage, organizes regular pick-ups from one or more locations, and delivers industry-leading reliability and customer benefits.

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