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ecommerce trends report

Why do online shoppers really abandon their baskets?

Uncover what makes today’s online shoppers click ‘buy now’ to help grow your e-commerce sales. 


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We’ve surveyed 12,000 shoppers across 24 countries to provide you with valuable insight into what’s important to online shoppers.

In this report, we explore how the world is browsing and buying online – from the improvements online shoppers are looking for, the rise of social e-commerce and online marketplaces, and why shoppers abandon their baskets. 

Did you know?


of social media shoppers say it’s important to know who the delivery provider is before purchasing.


will abandon their basket if not offered their preferred payment method.


of online shoppers under 45 use voice search to make a purchase. 

Discover valuable insights that can help you create a great online experience

What could be frustrating your customers when shopping online?

If customers are frustrated by the online shopping experience, you risk losing potential sales. For example, in Spain, France and the UK, paying for returns is a particular frustration for online shoppers. Discover what frustrates global shoppers the most to help you improve the online shopping experience. 

Should you be selling via marketplaces?

97% of shoppers across the globe are shopping via online marketplaces. Discover in which countries the most popular global marketplaces are seeing the highest use – helping you realize where you can reach more consumers. 

Could limited delivery options be impacting your sales?

All online shoppers look forward to the moment their order is delivered. But the delivery options you offer could be having more of an impact on your sales than you realize – 48% of shoppers say they frequently abandon their baskets due to delivery options.


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