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For many businesses, expanding affordably into Europe can be a real challenge with the complexity of dealing with different carriers, restrictions and markets. What you need is a logistics partner, not just a provider, that can work with you to ensure customers everywhere are satisfied.

28 countries with ONE label. 

To manage cross-border delivery effectively, you need simplicity. You need just one label, that will take a shipment weighing up to 31.5kg and 120 cm in length, to any one of 28 different countries. With Parcel Connect, there’s no need to deal with multiple delivery companies, each using a different system. Instead, you get one dedicated DHL representative who does all the hard work for you – managing your product safely through the DHL network to its intended destination.

Single system simplicity 

The data that supports and tracks your shipments needs to be simple, too. DHL's single IT platform can be accessed via an award-winning web portal, or be integrated into your own systems. It works with one data set, so you can upload and stream shipment information easily, using the same interface to book your shipments, and track their progress.

Local teams. European network. 

But simple doesn’t mean rigid. In fact, agility is at the heart of Parcel Connect, flexing to the expectations of customers in different countries. For instance, in some countries doorstep delivery is expected, while in others, customers prefer to pick their goods up from a service point or locker. One of the ways we achieve this level of flexibility is by partnering with trusted, best-in-class national carriers in individual countries. We call it the Parcel Union, giving you the best of all worlds by bringing together DHL’s vast European infrastructure, logistics expertise and quality guarantee with street smart local know how.

Send and return 

Flexibility also extends to how we support you. Regular pick-ups from your facilities come as standard but you can also arrange ad-hoc collections when you need them. You can use our network from the first to the last mile, or choose to directly inject shipments into the network at a DHL location. Which means you have the ability to adjust your logistics in line with seasonal demand. Then there’s the issue of returns. Parcel Connect is geared to handle these with the same simplicity as the outbound journey. From the option of printing out a returns label to go with the purchase, to collecting from a service point and collating returns to reduce costs, we keep your stock moving.

Delivering customer satisfaction 

This marriage of simplicity and flexibility also results in a more rewarding customer experience with end-to-end tracking and pre-delivery notifications to keep your recipient in touch with exactly where and when their goods will arrive. They can even change the drop-off point to a workplace or one of our 100,000+ access points (ServicePoints and parcel lockers). Or a neighbor. Or whatever suits them best. It not only keeps your customers happy, it makes you look good too.

The perfect fit for every business 

Maybe you’re just starting out in cross border shipping. You need a quick and simple solution chosen from a menu of standard service options. Or maybe you’re already a major player. You have existing e-commerce lanes but are looking for a partner to tailor a logistics infrastructure for your future. Either way, Parcel Connect is the perfect fit for you. And with dynamic product developments coming online continuously, we'll be with you all the way as your business grows. Now’s the time to get in touch.

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