Parcel Connect in 6 easy steps

Your way to Europe-wide shipping with DHL Parcel Connect.


Getting started with Parcel Connect couldn’t be easier. In just 6 simple steps we’ll have you shipping goods and receiving returns from any of 28 countries across Europe. Your DHL sales representative will look after you throughout the entire set-up process, and because of its modular design, we’ll be able to tailor the service to your individual requirements. Here's how it works…

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Get the Parcel Connect Toolbox

For more information on designing your solution, download our Toolbox. As well as offering a printable PDF version of the six steps above, it explains all the options within each of the Parcel Connect modules: first mile, outbound, last mile, undeliverables, returns and IT setup. From Direct Injection to Individual Routing to the eConnect portal, you’ll find all you need to know.

Download the Toolbox here