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How Nokia Cut Their Carbon Emissions Between China and Brazil by 68%

Reconfiguring your logistics setup can be challenging. But the immediate environmental benefits are clear and tangible.  This case study illustrates how Nokia lowered its carbon emissions by up to 68% on a tradelane between China and Brazil by switching from an air freight – only solution to a Multimodal Express solution combining air, ocean and road freight.

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Nokia’s challenge: maximize handprint, minimize footprint

As a multinational company doing business in more than 130 countries, logistics is a big part of Nokia’s operations. This makes cutting transport emissions a key component of their sustainability strategy, which aims to maximize their handprint while minimizing their footprint.

DHL Global Forwarding’s Solution: MultiModal Express (MMEX)

Together with DHL Global Forwarding, Nokia reimagined a supply chain between China and Curitiba, Brazil, which previously used air freight for the entire route. The company started using DGF’s Multimodal Express (MMEX ) solution to ship goods via ocean, road, and air freight. The first leg of the journey from China to Los Angeles goes by ocean freight – a far more carbon-efficient alternative. From there, shipments travel by truck to Miami, where they are loaded on planes for the final leg to South America. 

Achieving real and rapid results

By switching to MMEX, Nokia instantly reduced transport carbon emissions by 68 %, with a minimal increase in transit time during the transition that did not impact their overall business.

What Nokia Has to Say

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