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It is our goal at DHL is to provide our customers with every tool available to ensure your imports are handled properly and as cost effectively as possible.

One of these tools is a link to the Customs and Border Protection (CBP) website to enable you to set up your own ACH (Automated Clearing House) account directly with CBP. Once you establish an ACH account with CBP, the duties and fees that are owed directly to CBP, will be directly pulled from an account in which you identify to CBP. Anything additional that was not identified initially will come to you as a service bill from CBP, which would need to be paid directly to them also.

 You can save a disbursement fee of 2%. 2% in our ever-growing economy does not seem like much, but over the period of a year it can add up.

Establishing your own ACH account directly with CBP enables you to:

  • Pay your duties, MPF (Merchandise Processing Fee), and any other fees owed to CBP direct
  • Greater visibility as to your import activity
  • You save a disbursement fee of 2%
  • Customer will have single point of contact for ACH issues with CBP Finance

How can you become an ACH Customer?

If you're interested in becoming an ACH customer with CBP, apply directly to the Department of Finance online at the CBP website below, or visit our FAQs page to find out more!