AI: science fiction becomes reality

Russell Simmons
Russell Simmons
Discover Content Team
5 min read
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So it’s 2023 and we all believe that we’re super-digitally aware and tech-savvy. But despite knowing that Artificial Intelligence is something we should all be aware of, it’s still hard not to view it as the stuff of science fiction movies.

To lump it in with transporter beams and flying cars as just another one of those futuristic fantasies we grew up with. In fact, AI has a ton of practical applications that make it really useful for SMEs in the here and now. Currently, we’re only scratching the surface, so let’s go a little deeper. 

In the free downloadable guide below, we’ll be looking how AI can save you money if you use it to its full potential. We’ll be talking about the free AI tools that can turbo-charge your digital platform. We’ll be looking at how digital assistants can give your business a competitive edge. Then we’re going to be giving you some insights into how AI will the change the way you recruit, so you can build the workforce of tomorrow. We’re even going to be doing a bit of gazing into the (very near) future and will see what’s on the horizon, looking at how AI is going to revolutionize data analysis to give you previously unimaginable insights into your audience, and help you have real-time conversations with your customers in ways you never thought possible.

AI isn’t a trend or a fad and it’s not going anywhere. If you’re not taking a long hard look at it and really thinking about how it can transform your business, you can bet that your competitors are.

7 ways AI will shape your SME's business plan

Read our FREE guide to find out how you can save money by using AI.

7 ways AI will shape your SME's business plan
7 ways AI will shape your SME's business plan