From the world of e-commerce: Malaville Toys

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What makes a successful online business? Model and doll collector-turned-entrepreneur Mala Bryan says it starts with passion.

Mala Bryan went from avid collector to inspired creator when she saw an important gap in a global market: dolls that represented people of color.

From flaunting natural hair textures to accentuating all skin tones — even designing the world's first doll with albinism — the South African founder of Malaville Toys started her business in 2015. Her products soon went viral.

Bryan credits finding a manufacturer in China that understood what she was asking for, as well as the power of social media and resonating with her audience. Thanks to her attention to detail and commitment to her vision, her business quickly gained popularity, especially online. Around that time, the Black Lives Matter movement was also taking off, drawing more attention and support to the need for representation and small, black-owned businesses.

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A successful online business begins with passion

The model and entrepreneur's advice to others looking to start their own e-commerce business is simple: "Find something that's needed in the world. Find something that makes people feel good, but make sure it's something that you’re passionate about, because people buy more into passion than anything else. Find something that’s missing, and provide a solution."


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