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Shipping Sustainably with GoGreen Plus: SCREEN Semiconductor Solutions Inc.

In this interview, we feature SCREEN Semiconductor Solutions, a major semiconductor equipment manufacturer. Ms. Yuko Hizume, Department Head of Post Sales Operations, made the decision to adopt GoGreen Plus. She speaks alongside Mr. Masanori Hashimoto, Manager of ESG Promotion, who leads the company’s environmental initiatives, and Mr. Jun Shibukawa, also a Manager of ESG Promotion.

Shipping with GoGreen Plus: KUOE GLOBAL Inc.

We interviewed some of early adopters of GoGreen Plus, DHL’s industry-first sustainable logistics solution, to learn more about the process, objectives, and benefits of the service. KUOE Global Inc. is a Japanese watch company that sells high-quality Japan-made wristwatches "from Kyoto to the world”. Mr. Kenji Uchimura, President of the company shares his thoughts on GoGreen Plus.

Shipping with GoGreen Plus: Sato Seni Co. Ltd

Our third interview with early adopters of GoGreen Plus features Mr. Kenta Igarashi from Japanese textile manufacturer Sato Seni. Based in picturesque Sagae city in Yamagata prefecture, Sato Seni is well known for its harmonious blend of nature and innovation.

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