New to DHL? Here’s how to start shipping with us

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Frequent shipping with a business account

Ship with a
DHL account


Open new account

Save up to 50% on shipping costs in first 3 months of opening a new account

One-time shipment (credit card payment)

Ship via MyDHL+(online shipping tool)
with credit card payment

Ship online with MyDHL+

Save up to 32% on shipping costs. Save even more with a promotion code.

*Use of promotion code requires an online pickup request through MyDHL+.


Document shipping via post box or
post office


Save up to 50% on shipping costs

送料最大 50%割引。

One-time shipment (cash or credit card payment)


Drop-off and ship from a DHL Service Point



Free packaging services available with DHL Express Easy




For regular shippers

Open a DHL business account



※ DHL法人アカウントは法人または個人事業主様向けになり、開設条件がございます。

Request a business account to enjoy exclusive benefits


Enjoy easy, flexible international shipping at preferential rates adjusted to your business needs and shipping volumes.


※DHL business accounts can be opened by corporates and business owners who meet the eligibility criteria.

Open a DHL account

For one-time shippers

Request for pickup online




Ship online with a few simple steps

Save 32% on shipping when you pay by credit card via MyDHL+.
Register easily and save even more with a promotion code! 

※Use of promotion code requires an online pickup request through MyDHL+.


Get your promotion code here

Ship Now

For document shipping



Ship your documents via post box or office


Arrange your shipment and pay with credit card via MyDHL+  and use our Letterpack Light service to drop off your documents at any Japan Post office or post box.

Promotion codes available. 

Find out more


Ship from a DHL ServicePoint



Ship with Express Easy at a DHL Service Point


Free packaging services available when you ship with Express Easy.


For more information and Service Point locations, visit the link below.


Find out more


Scale your business globally: Unravelling the benefits of a DHL Account