New Zealand

Dynamic Discounts – Ship More, Save More!

Dynamic: are calculated based on your shipping volume or behaviours, providing great cost-saving opportunities tailored to you.

Simple: Once Dynamic Discounts are set up in your account, no further monthly changes are needed, and no manual intervention is required.

Track: Access your Dynamic Discounting Dashboard via MyDHL+, with proactive notifications to keep you informed about how much more you need to ship to maintain or reach the next discount level.

You will also receive notifications when moving from one discount percentage to another.

To learn more about Dynamic Discounting, speak to your DHL Account Manager today!

Sustainable Shipping for a Greener World

GoGreen Plus is the latest addition to our sustainability solutions, providing greener avenues for shippers to do their part for the environment. With GoGreen Plus, you can reduce a percentage of the carbon emissions associated with your shipments, as we opt for sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) instead of traditional jet fuel for our DHL Aircrafts.

How carbon insetting and sustainable aviation fuel is the key to green shipping Through carbon insetting, GoGreen Plus allows businesses to bring down its Scope 3 emissions, which are indirect greenhouse gas emissions that arise in a company’s value chain, including transportation and distribution downstream.

Unlike offsetting initiatives, insetting is acknowledged as a carbon reduction measure by the Science Based Target initiative since it is intended to reduce emissions directly associated with a business' operations throughout the supply chain.

With the GoGreen Plus solution, you have the opportunity to invest in reducing CO2 emissions (insetting) for all your express air shipments. Get in touch with us today to discuss the four predefined levels of CO 2 reduction. Ranging from 10% to 70% (available for specific countries), each level is accompanied by an annually SGS-authenticated carbon emission certificate from DHL's GoGreen Plus program.

Alternatively, To make it fully flexible for customers, GoGreen Plus can easily be added to shipments via MyDHL+. Simply tick the box marked GoGreen Plus under Optional Services when making your booking and automatically invest in reducing CO2 emissions by 50%.

Independent auditor SGS annually verifies the emission reduction value of the purchased SAF, and whether the investments have been exclusively used for SAF.

Quality Packaging, Absolutely Free!

When shipping internationally, your documents or parcel travels within the DHL Express network, transiting through multiple facilities, people, vehicles and airplanes. A well-packed shipment can reduce the risks of damage, ensuring your consignee receives the contents in pristine condition.

As an account holder, you can Select and order packaging supplies provided by DHL Express; we provide boxes, flyers and envelopes of different sizes to ensure that no matter the size of your product, whether small or large, you will be able to ship it safely from New Zealand to your export destination.

Here’s how to register to order:

  • Go to our Online Supplies Ordering service (OSO) and click Register now!

  • Complete the registration form, noting the minimum password requirements. Note: For your security, you will be asked to change your password every 90 days.
  • Click Register to submit your request.
  • You will receive an email to activate your OSO account. The activation link is valid for 24 hours only.
  • Once you have activated your account, click Login Page to sign in. You will also receive an email to confirm that your account has been activated.
  • Enter your email address and password and click Sign in.

Here’s how to order:

  • Go to the New Order page when OSO opens and enter your DHL account number.

  • If you wish to save this account number for future orders, tick Save account number.
  • Click Next to enter the Delivery address. Required fields are indicated by an asterisk.

  • Click Next to select the Products you wish to order. Enter the number of packs you require of each item.
  • Click Next to view a Summary of your order and check that the details are correct. If not, use the Edit buttons to go back and amend.

  • Click Confirm to submit your order. You will receive an email confirming your order details.