Convenient international shipping from DHL Service Points

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Express Easy is a package service that allows you to prepare and send your shipment from any DHL Service Point.

  • For DHL Express Easy, the dedicated envelope and box must be used and shipper must pay necessary charges.

  • Please refer to the DHL Service Guide for information on what items cannot be shipped internationally via Express Easy. Also there are some, while extremely limited, countries and regions where DHL does not provide services. Currently, Russia and Iran are among them. Please contact DHL Customer Service (0120-39-2580) for more information.

  • DHL will examine shipment upon receipt and it may be returned to shipper.

  • DHL customers who have an account number starting with 5 can drop off shipment at Service Point. Some Service Points not accepting such drop-offs are indicated at store information.

  • DHL Service Points, excluding DHL facilities (i.e. DHL Service Center), do not provide return service for any international retailing and collect service paid for by recipients.

  • For questions and clarification, please call DHL Customer Service (0120-39-2580).

  • ID presentation is required by Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport & Tourism to prevent aircraft terrorism.
  • Shippers including DHL account holders must present their ID at Service Point. Otherwise, shipment will not be accepted.
  • Acceptable ID: Driver’s License, Passport, My Number Card, Residence Card/Special Permanent Residence Certificate. All must be valid and have ID photo and the present address.
  • Non-document shippers using Express Easy must fill out Shipment Contents Confirmation sheet.
  • If shipment is brought in by a representative, not the actual shipper,
    • The representative must present his/her ID.
    • For Express Easy non-document shipment, the representative must fill out Shipment Contents Confirmation sheet in his/her own name.
  • For any questions, please contact DHL Customer Service at 0120-39-2580

Please also check our FAQs for more information.

The safety and security of the shipments we transport is of utmost importance to us. We therefore inspect shipments handed over to us to check for any restricted or prohibited commodities, hazardous material, contraband etc. Such inspections may be conducted by several methods like physically opening and examining the contents of the package, using sniffer dogs, x-ray machines etc.

For non-account customers, every shipment is inspected. Please note that when you hand over your shipment to us, we reserve the right to inspect the shipment.

We seek your understanding that this is done for the safety of your packages. Please help us to help you by doing the following:

  1. Co-operate with the courier / service point executive at the time of shipment inspection.
  2. Do not wrap or seal the packages until the package has been inspected.

Please note the following:

  • Import duties and tax, if imposed by the destination country, will be charged to the consignee.
  • Free-of-charge or used goods are subject to duties and tax.
  • The consignee must provide any additional documents necessary for import procedures.
  • Delivery will be delayed when additional information is required for import clearance.

Thank you for your understanding.

Note: This policy is aligned with the legal and regulatory requirements of numerous Governments / other Regulatory authorities and is standard practice across the express delivery industry to ensure only legitimate shipments are accepted.

Recently, validation of shipping invoices by customs authorities in the EU and other countries have become stricter. Unclear descriptions on invoices may cause customs clearance delays or be rejected at the destination country. Therefore, please describe shipment contents in detail, accurately and appropriately on the waybill and invoice so that it can be clearly understood by customs.

For more information, please click here.

As of July 1st 2022 , the Taiwan Customs Authorities requires pre-registration and pre-clearance authentication for import shipments to consumers (2C) in Taiwan.

For more information, please click here.

How to use Express Easy

You can ship in 3 simple steps!

1, Bring Your Own: Find a DHL Service Point

On the DHL locator, you can search for DHL EXPRESS EASY handling stores that are conveniently located near your residence or workplace.

2, Prepare for shipping

The "POS DIY" shipping web tool makes shipping easy with your smartphone! Simply enter your shipping information into the web tool and get an application number.

  • Express EASY waybills must be arranged via the "POS DIY" shipping web tool
  • Please note that if you visit our store without obtaining a application number in advance, we will be asked to enter your shipping information at the service point using your own smartphone

Click here to learn how to use the Shipping Web Tool.

For non-document (i.e. boxes) shipment, please also fill out the "Shipment Contents Confirmation Sheet" form and bring it to the service point.

3, Bring it in, Pack it & Ship it

Upon presentation of the application number, an waybill will be printed at the point of service. Special packing materials are used for easy shipping.

  • After pickup, DHL will inspect your shipment. If it contains items that cannot be ship, we will arrange for the return of the package to the customer.
  • If the package you plan to ship exceeds the size limit for Express Easy, please contact DHL Customer Service for assistance.