Ship both documents and packages with Letter Pack

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Japan Post's "Letter Pack" service now supports both documents and packages

Please send the necessary Documents along with your Packages from any post office or mailbox in Japan to DHL using "Letter Pack. "You can easily international shipping at any time.


What is "Letter Pack"?

  • Japan Post's "Letter Pack" service allows you to enjoy international shipping of documents and packages with DHL.


What are the benefits of using "Letter Pack"?

  • Shipments can be made at any time at your convenience, without waiting for pickup.
  • Send your shipments from your nearest post office or mailbox.



Enjoy up to 50% off with a promotion code

Enjoy even greater savings when you apply DHL's shipping discount, which applies to all documents and packages. Save up to 50% off your overseas shipments by using a promotion code when creating your Waybill.


How to ship

After credit card payment (required), place your documents or packages in Japan Post's “Letter Pack” and drop off your shipment at a post office or mailbox.

International shipping with "Letter Pack”

How to use DHL with "Letter Pack"




Packages (non-document items)

The items to be sent

Business/general documents

with no commercial value (non-dutiable)


(non-document items)

Type of "Letter Pack" to be used


Letter Pack Light

One letter costs 370 yen.

Letter Pack Plus

One letter costs 520 yen.

Weight / Size

Within 4.0 kg

Fits within 30mm thickness, use "Letter Pack Light"

Within 4.0 kg

Items of any size that can fit in "Letter Pack Plus"

Enclosed required documents

  • Waybill
  • Waybill
  • Commercial invoice 
  • Confirmation letter regarding the contents (download)

Promotion Code

<Up to 50% off DHL shipping fees>

※Please refer to the shipping guide for instructions on using the service.





Shipping Guide

(How to create a waybill)

Click here to send a document

Click here to send a package

(non-document items)

When using "Letter Pack" to send your shipment via DHL, please read the instructions carefully before creating your Waybill.


For inquiries regarding DHL shipments, please click here.

For information about "Letter Pack", please click here.

The above table is in Japanese yen.

The above prices are applicable when using a promotion code. Please note that these prices are subject to change without prior notice.

*1 : Shipping rate for documents up to 0.5 kg. Additional charges apply for documents exceeding 0.6kg, in increments of 0.5kg.

*2 : The shipment has a flat rate (up to 4 kg, exceeding which is not allowed).

*1, *2 : In addition to the above amount, there may be an additional fuel surcharge. Any local taxes or fees, such as customs duties, are the responsibility of the recipient.

*2 : The cost of the shipment includes service fees for "GoGreen Plus", which contributes to reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

More details on "GoGreen Plus"


Customer feedback on using "Letter Pack Light"

Notes of use

  • Please make sure to check the following before shipping.
  • Items that cannot be shipped

・Food products in general (fresh food, juices, alcoholic beverages, confectioneries, etc.)・Airline tickets and passports・Animals, insects, plants (fresh flowers)・Liquids (beverages, spray bottles, lotion, etc.)・Cosmetics and medicines (liquids, pills, powders)・Animal and plant products (leather goods, furs, etc.)・Precious metals, jewelry, gold bullion・Medical test kits・Cash, money certificates, credit cards・Dangerous goods (fireworks, lighters, matches, fuel, narcotics, etc.)

  • DHL corporate account shipments are not eligible for this service. Please arrange for pickup or drop off shipments at a DHL Service Point.
  • Upon arrival at the DHL facility, the "Letter Pack" package will be opened and contents inspected by DHL staff and the waybill removed.
  • DHL staff will seal the "Letter Pack" with tape and place it in DHL's packaging materials for international shipment.
  • After acceptance by DHL, you will be able to track your shipment on the DHL website.
  • The shipper is responsible for the purchase price of "Letter Pack"
  • Please contact Japan Post regarding accidents, etc. that occur during transportation of "Letter Pack". DHL is unable to respond to inquiries regarding "Letter Pack" in transit.
  • All shipments will be reweighed at DHL facilities. Any difference from the shipping amount settled in MyDHL+ will be charged additionally.
  • The number of days for domestic "Letter Pack" delivery will be added to estimated delivery days displayed in MyDHL+.
  • DHL reserves the right to make the final decision regarding shipment.
  • If DHL determines that the shipment is not possible, or if the destination country cannot be shipped to, DHL may, at its own discretion, cancel the shipment. In such cases, the shipment will be returned with cash on delivery. Any amount paid through credit card will be refunded.
  • If for some reason, documents that cannot be shipped cannot be returned to the customer, the item will be disposed of in accordance with DHL's regulations. We thank you for your understanding.
  • Cannot be combined with other campaign promotions.