How to ship online without a DHL business account

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With MyDHL+ (online shipping tool), you can arrange everything from creating shipping documents to scheduling pickup using credit card payment. Even if you are considering a one-time shipment, you can send it without opening a DHL business account by making payment with a credit card.

Services and Shipping Methods

Please select the service and shipping method you would like to use before shipping.

Find a DHL Service Center here.

Save up to 60% on freight with promo codes!

Promotional codes are available for shipments requested for pickup through MyDHL+. Simply register to redeem a code and enjoy discounts.

*Promotional codes require a pickup request from MyDHL+.

Import shipments from overseas to Japan can also be arranged online

By using DHL Import Express, you can arrange for shipments, such as forgotten items at overseas hotels, that require payment in Japan without opening a business account. Payment can be made with a credit card.

How to use:

Please use MyDHL+ (online shipping tool) to arrange shipping.

You can prepare the necessary documents for shipping by entering the sender and consignee information.

  • There is no service available for the sender in Japan to arrange for cash-on-delivery (COD) service for international shipments
  • If the recipient abroad wishes to use cash-on-delivery (COD), please contact a local DHL office
  • The Express Worldwide import service cannot be used with promo codes

Visit MyDHL+ (online shipping tool)

With the free online shipping tool "MyDHL+", you can easily send shipment overseas by managing all procedures such as creating shipping documents, obtaining quotes, requesting pickups, and tracking shipment status in one place.

While it is possible to arrange shipments without registering for MyDHL+, using this shipping tool gives you access to convenient features, such as referencing past shipping records and more.

Please refer to the MyDHL+ User Guide for a description of each MyDHL+ feature and how to use it.

Packing your shipment

To ensure that your shipments travel safely and securely through the DHL Express global network, it is important that they are packaged and labeled correctly.

Packaging guidelines:

  • If you are re-using envelopes or boxes, please ensure that old labels and markings are removed.
  • Securely fix a waybill to each piece in your shipment. The waybill can be thought of as the shipment’s airline ticket and it will delay delivery if it becomes separated from your shipment.
  • The barcodes on the waybill are scanned at numerous points during your shipment’s journey. Please ensure the barcode is flat and not covered by tape, shrinkwrap or strapping.
  • Place a waybill on the top or side of each piece in your shipment and please ensure it does not overlap the corners or edges of boxes.
  • Use adequate protective wrapping for fragile or delicate items and ensure they are packed as far away as possible from the corners of boxes.
  • To prevent injury to our employees, please pay special attention to the packaging of sharp items. There should not be any possibility of the contents piercing the packaging.
  • Any individual pieces over 70kg should be placed on a pallet. If you are sending a multi-piece shipment, it is not necessary to place the individual pieces on a pallet unless they exceed 70kg. For example, a shipment comprising four 25kg pieces does not have to be placed on a pallet.

For additional packing advice, click here.