Embracing worldwide virtual trade shows: A new norm for Pakistani businesses?

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In an increasingly digital world, international trade has found a new avenue through virtual trade shows. Previously, businesses and entrepreneurs had to physically attend trade fairs, exhibitions, or expos to explore new markets, establish connections, and showcase their products. Today, online trade shows have become game-changers, particularly in the B2B arena, enabling Pakistani businesses to make their mark on the global stage right from their offices.

These platforms are particularly impactful for sectors dealing in textiles, leather, surgical items, and sports goods, allowing them to reach potential clients beyond traditional geographical boundaries. Virtual trade shows or virtual expos offer a blend of convenience, flexibility, and reach that is redefining the way businesses approach international trade.

Advantages of virtual trade shows

1. Increased cost savings

Traditional trade shows have a range of associated costs that can add up quickly. There are travel expenses, including airfare, local transportation, and accommodation. Businesses also need to invest in building attractive exhibition booths, which incurs costs for materials, transportation, installation, and so on. There's also the additional expense of food and other incidentals that are part and parcel of physical trade shows. When you add up these costs, the investment in a traditional trade show can be quite significant

On the other hand, virtual trade shows cut down many of these expenditures. There's no travel, accommodation, or physical booth setup involved. You can create a virtual booth once on a virtual trade show platform and use it multiple times, significantly reducing the overhead costs. The savings can then be used to enhance other aspects of your business, making online trade shows a highly cost-effective alternative for solo entrepreneurs or small businesses in Pakistan operating on a tighter budget.

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2. Broader reach

With physical trade fairs, geographical limitations and travel costs can limit participation, narrowing down the pool of potential clients. A Pakistani business might only be able to connect with clients who are physically present at that specific expo, limiting the new markets that they can explore. Travel visas (or being denied one) can also be an obstacle that prevents Pakistani businesses from attending trade shows held in other countries further away in the world. 

However, virtual trade show platforms break these geographical boundaries, allowing businesses to connect with clients globally without the need to travel. The attendees of a virtual trade show can come from all corners of the world, thus opening up a whole new world of possibilities. This expanded reach can lead to new business opportunities, enabling Pakistani businesses to establish a stronger presence on the global stage.

3. Greater flexibility

Virtual trade shows provide a high level of flexibility, a crucial advantage in our increasingly busy world. Unlike physical trade shows, which require participants to be present at a specific place and time, virtual trade shows allow attendees to participate from anywhere and at any time. This asynchronous flexibility makes it easier to fit into different time zones and work schedules, accommodating a wider range of participants. 

Furthermore, the content of virtual trade shows, including booths and presentations, is often available for an extended period, allowing participants to revisit and review information at their convenience. This feature is typically not available at physical trade shows, adding another level of convenience to the virtual experience.

4. Easier follow-up

The process of following up with leads post-event can be a challenging task at physical trade shows. Collecting business cards, making notes, and then trying to remember specifics about the interaction can be daunting. However, virtual trade shows simplify this process dramatically

Most virtual exhibition platforms come with features that allow exhibitors to save visitor contact information directly from the platform. Some platforms even track visitor activities, such as the booths they visited, the products they showed interest in, and the duration of their visit, providing valuable data for personalised follow-ups. These features make maintaining connections post-event much simpler and more effective, giving businesses a better chance of converting leads into customers.

What are the major worldwide virtual trade shows Pakistani businesses can leverage?

Techtextil and Texprocess

Known for their significant impact in the world of technical textiles and nonwovens, Techtextil and Texprocess are two international trade shows that Pakistani businesses should keep on their radar. These virtual expos provide a vibrant platform for textile businesses to showcase their unique products to a global audience. Apart from having the opportunity to present their innovative textiles and designs, these virtual platforms provide a chance to gain insights into the latest trends, technologies, and process chains associated with textile manufacturing and nonwovens.

Moreover, they serve as a melting pot of ideas where Pakistani businesses can forge new partnerships, expand their networks, and explore exciting avenues for collaboration on a global scale. In essence, these virtual trade shows bring the global textile industry to your doorstep, opening up a world of opportunities for Pakistani textile businesses.


Medica is known as the largest trade show for the medical sector globally. By participating in this virtual exhibition, businesses have the opportunity to connect with medical professionals from around the world, showcase their innovative products and services, and stay updated with the latest trends and advancements in the healthcare sector. It also provides professionals with exposure to a vast array of healthcare products, medical technologies, and digital health services, making it an unmissable event for Pakistani businesses dealing in surgical items and healthcare equipment.

For such businesses, it's an invaluable opportunity to tap into new and emerging markets, gain crucial industry insights, and build strategic partnerships. Medica also offers participants the chance to gain feedback from global industry leaders, fostering innovation and improvement, and aiding Pakistani businesses in their journey to become globally recognised entities in the healthcare sector.

Taking advantage of the momentum of global trade shows

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