Customer Loyalty: Winning Customers and Retain Them

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Since the initiation of DHL Express, the leading courier in Singapore, our strategy was to bring the world closer to our customers in the most hassle-free and speedy manner. Over the years we have established an international brand that helps industries, businesses, and individuals connect to all parts of the world.

The combination of a steady pool of new prospects and the base of existing customers sets the platform that will shape the future of our company. Both aspects of acquisition and growth are equally important from a sales standpoint.  The question that DHL Express has to answer, is how to repeatedly ensure that we are providing the highest quality of service to ensure customer retention and satisfaction.


The uncertainty of international trade creates unwanted supply chain risks. Whether these risks are controllable or uncontrollable, they are still frustrating to deal with, especially when profitability is on the line.

DHL Express’s global network runs multiple flight connections around the world on a daily basis to ensure that every shipment has a place on board an aircraft, effectively reducing lull waiting periods in our facilities.

Of course, even with multiple flight connections, there are some unforeseeable risks that might affect the transit time of a shipment. At DHL Express, our network operations group work round the clock to closely monitor and react to potential disruptions by creating contingency plans to ensure the continuity of our operations despite any issues.


To keep abreast with digital and online trends, DHL Express has also invested and introduced various online shipping tools to facilitate better management, control, and flexibility for all our customers’ shipments.

MyDHL+ platform was initially created to be an alternative to EasyShip and E-mail Ship, giving customers the option to create shipments online. Since its induction into the DHL Express process, it has seen numerous improvements and technical upgrades, now it has become the primary mode to create a shipment. 

With many more functionalities introduced, MyDHL+ provides better visibility, capabilities, and convenience. Since Q4 of 2020, this platform will not only have the ability to create and manage shipments, it will also act as a resource bank to provide users with relevant shipping information and have access to their customer support live chat.

Other online tools include MyBill, On-Demand Delivery (ODD), and other integration options to include DHL Express’s service on your own platform to seamlessly integrate with our service.

Prioritizing making the shipping journey more convenient has lead us to study the customer’s journey intricately, ensuring that we are continuously taking feedback on what is important to all our users and also benchmarking our capabilities to industry standards.


We firmly believe in helping our customers grow and reach their international business goals.  We also understand that every customer has different requirements and shipping specifications. This is why all our staff, from the Account Managers up to the Customer Service Agents, are trained to be well versed in all aspects of our operations. On top of this, DHL Express segregates the overall logistics journey into specific compartments with a dedicated team that ensures information is constantly accurate.

This way, we are able to provide more detailed information along each step of the way for your decision making. For example, if your concerns are on international customs for a particular product or part that you ship, our team of Customs Clearance Specialists can help you formulate a solution that is unique to your clearance needs.

Another example is if you want to extend our e-commerce solutions directly to your consumers as a B2C business – our IT department works closely with the Account Managers to curate a tailored solution specifically for your requirements.

By offering a more personal element, we strive to help customers overcome all their logistics-related obstacles by going above and beyond as a service provider.


A consistent theme around DHL Express revolves around our dedication to always put our customer’s interests first. Investments and implementations to improve our network capabilities, processes, and people are designed to be translated into improving our customer’s overall shipping journey.

The result of creating a brand that resonates positively amongst businesses and industries allows us to retain and continuously work with majority of our customers. 

This gives us the prospect to further develop, innovate, and push the boundaries of traditional logistics by incorporating new digitalization initiatives, making investments to improve our infrastructure and network, and offering more secure transactions. 

When you ship with DHL Express, you are not only partnering with an international logistics provider, you are also partnering with a brand that is trusted by millions around the world.