Going Global with DHL Express and Shopify

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Call it a boon because international shipping just got easier with the integration of DHL Express into Shopify. Being one of the largest ecommerce platforms, Shopify acts as an end-to-end retail operating system, helping businesses set up their e-commerce platform from scratch without the intervention of any technical expertise.

With this partnership, merchants can easily grow their business with access to international shipping, and without much hassle. It is important to understand that to be a successful e-commerce seller, having a user-friendly platform will not only attract more consumers but will also benefit the business at large, thus allowing merchants to focus on easy online payment solutions and efficiency for optimum performance.

Ever since DHL has partnered with the platform, both merchants and consumers have been able to trade goods and services in the safest and fastest time possible. Not only that, with the official DHL plugin in Shopify, consumers are also provided with a guaranteed express service across 220 countries and territories and at negotiated rates.

Being a strong ally of e-commerce companies, DHL has developed DHL Express Commerce (DEC) and an API feature that will help Shopify sellers smoothly integrate DHL Express’s services onto their website for a better user experience for both merchants and buyers. Below, we have listed some of the benefits of using Shopify with DHL Express Commerce (DEC). 

Benefits of using Shopify with DHL Express Commerce (DEC)

1. Selling to more customers

With the help of DHL Express’s integration into Shopify, around 1.7 million active merchants globally on Shopify will now be able to cater to over 175 countries around the world. Since DHL has a global logistical network with an in-house team of international specialists, it can now deliver products to consumers in various geographies in 2-3 days transit time. However, the delivery dates are subject to slight fluctuations because of the COVID-19 pandemic. But, having said that, when the potential new customers receive their orders quickly and in an undamaged condition, they’ll be able to trust your services leading to more traffic and sales.

2. Managing your shipping information in one place

One of the best features of this integration is that it allows all your shipping information to be stored in one place. Be it your order details, tracking information, or customer data - all these features can be navigated live on Shopify. This makes it easy to print out all the information you need directly from Shopify, including the pre-populated customs forms that get directly transmitted to DHL to ship and clear customs more proficiently.

When you are ready with your order, you can simply schedule a DHL package collection right from your Shopify app. They will come to your doorstep and pick up your orders for free, regardless of the number of packages you have.

3. Customisation of orders

The ability to customise orders will allow local merchants to optimize their cross-border processes by setting up handling costs for each DHL shipping service and allowing them to reprint or edit the shipping labels.

Additionally, it will also help them decide their shipping choice based on the product characteristics like its weight, whether it’s fragile or bulky. They’ll also be able to track and trace their shipments, show electronic proof of shipment delivery (ePOD) and choose shipment collection schedules suited to their time-frames. 

All these above-mentioned benefits of using Shopify with DHL Express Commerce are possible because of Shopify’s highly functional tools and their features. 

Top features of Shopify’s tools

  • Multicurrency
    With the introduction of this feature, Shopify’s merchants can create a more localised experience for their buyers which allows them to pay in a familiar currency. This feature currently supports 10 key currencies such as the British pound, Australian dollar, Canadian dollar, Euro, Hong Kong dollar, Japanese yen, New Zealand dollar, Denmark krone, Singapore dollar, and US dollar, thus giving buyers a negotiable price with simple rounding rules.
  • Multi-language API
    Now, merchants can store translated content from blog articles for product collection within Shopify. Plus, Shopify’s entire store settings can be easily translated with the help of different applications in our app store. This will help them serve localised content to buyers around the world and, in turn, create a local, intimate experience for all cross-border shoppers.
  • Location
    Essentially, when your Shopify store is location-aware, merchants will learn to experience an integrated approach right from inventory to their location management, so that they can reduce the operational overhead and start selling faster. Further, having a multiple-location feature will expand your business to different geographies, thus fulfilling faster order completion based on the proximity of the location.

DHL Express, the world’s leading global express shipping provider has integrated with Shopify to facilitate sellers with a variety of tools that they can use in automating their e-commerce businesses. With the option of DHL shipping on the Shopify app, sellers can easily import goods, create DHL shipment labels as well as request live shipping rates during checkout. They can also generate tracking IDs and add extra delivery services for customers’ convenience. All you need to do is set up the fulfillment location on the Shopify app to make sure that the tracking ID write-back feature is enabled.

We, at DHL Express, continuously strive at making international shipping services easy and affordable to more merchants. What’s more, is that the DEC comes free of cost.

Learn more on how you can expand your business globally with Shopify and DHL Express: