Matthias Heutger

Senior Vice President
Global Head of Innovation & Commercial Development
DHL Customer Solutions Innovation

Matthias Heutger leads the commercial development and innovation area of DHL’s cross-divisional unit Customer Solutions & Innovation (CSI). He drives the development of sector strategies for DHL’s five focus sectors - Automotive, Energy, Engineering & Manufacturing, Life Sciences & Healthcare and Technology. In addition, he also leads marketing and sales steering & development for DHL’s top 100+ accounts, next to the customer-centric innovation activities across the DHL divisions. He reports to DHL’s Chief Commercial Officer and is a member of the CSI Board.  Also part of his customer centric innovation approach, Matthias is coordinating closely the activity of the DHL Innovations Centers in Germany, Singapore and soon in Chicago, USA.

Dr. Markus Kückelhaus

Vice President
Innovation & Trend Reserach
DHL Customer Solutions

Markus Kückelhaus is heading the global research and innovation activities of Deutsche Post DHL and is in charge of the DHL flagship Innovation Center near Bonn. He joined DHL in 2012 as Director Trend Research monitoring and leveraging trends with his team that will impact the logistics industry in the future. Previously he worked as a free-lance consultant for DHL, supporting the development of a group wide innovation system and implementing strategies and business models for innovation initiatives.

Gina Chung

Head of Innovation Americas
DHL Americas Innovation Center

Gina Chung leads the research and innovation activities of DHL and is in charge of the DHL Americas Innovation Center: a state-of-the-art platform to engage startups and industries on the future of logistics. Since 2012, she has shaped DHL’s global innovation agenda by driving a portfolio of projects focused on the rapid testing and adoption of technologies such as collaborative robotics and artificial intelligence across DHL’s operations.

Prior to her current role, she also led the development of DHL’s trend research series including co-authoring publications such as IoT in Logistics together with Cisco and the DHL Logistics Trend Radar. Gina is based in Chicago and holds two degrees from the University of Auckland.

Prerit Mishra

Senior Data Scientist
DHL Asia Pacific Innovation Center, Singapore

Prerit is a Senior Data Scientist and the Lead of the DHL Advanced Analytics Team. He is involved in developing cutting-edge analytics solutions for DHL’s customers. The team’s projects include solutions for inventory and supply chain optimization, sales growth, strategic modeling, and end-to-end traceability. Prerit has over 9 years of experience in data science, software and data design/architecture, enterprise data analytics & integration across multiple industries. 

Ben Gesing

Global Head of DHL Trend Research

Ben Gesing is a global innovation leader with 7+ years of experience developing technical solutions in the logistics, telecommunications, and consumer electronics industry. Today he leads the Trend Research activities at the DHL Innovation Center near Bonn, Germany. He and his team are responsible for shaping the overall innovation agenda at Deutsche Post DHL Group through producing industry trend reports and piloting cutting edge technologies like artificial intelligence, computer vision, and robotics in live logistics operations together with startups.

Benjamin Perlson

Innovation Project Manager
Americas Innovation Center

Benjamin Perlson is an Innovation Project Manager, and his area of focus is on robotics and automation initiatives. Ben works to connect with startups and established vendors to help bridge gaps between technology groups and logistics professionals. A large part of his time is also spent working with our customers to understand their challenges and bring forward solutions to optimize their operations.

Dominik Götting

Innovation Manager
Troisdorf Innovation Center, Germany

Dominik Götting is an Innovation Manager driving projects in the fields of dimensioning, robotics and automation. He is also constantly on the lookout for new technologies and exhibits that are particularly suitable for our customers, and works to bring these proof of concepts into demonstrable form into the Innovation Centers. Before joining the DHL Trend Research, Dominik spent time at DHL Start-Up Lab, DPDHL’s Internal startup incubator that looks into starting new innovative business models and the implementation of new technology by employees.

Tanja Grauf

Innovation Manager
DHL Innovation Center, Germany

Tanja is a creative problem solver working as an Innovation Manager at the DHL Innovation Center in Germany. As part of the DHL Trend Research team, she is driving the digitalization and innovation agenda at DHL through her work focusing on identifying, piloting and implementing new technologies in logistics operations. Tanja’s work focuses on future applicability of wearables and bionic enhancement technologies within operations across the supply chain industry.

Tanja joined Deutsche Post DHL Group in 2018. She has previous work experience in Product Management and holds a Master’s degree in Business Administration with a focus on Marketing and Supply Chain Management.

Dr. Klaus Dohrmann

Vice President
Sector Development Engineering, Manufacturing and Energy

Dr. Klaus Dohrmann is Vice President Sector Development Engineering, Manufacturing and Energy Sector for DHL Customer Solutions and Innovation (CSI). In this role he leads the strategic development for one of DHL’s global cross-divisional focus sectors - Engineering, Manufacturing and Energy. His role involves driving the success of the global sector in close collaboration with DHL’s top accounts and beyond through, strategy sessions, customer events and innovation workshops. He is also responsible for setting the global sector strategy, identification of new business opportunities, support of product development and execution of selected strategic initiatives.

Justin Baird

Head of Innovation
DHL Asia Pacific Innovation Center

Justin Baird leads the DHL Asia Pacific Innovation Center (APIC). The first dedicated center for innovative logistics services in Asia Pacific and one of three DHL innovation centers globally, APIC is a test bed for emerging logistics-related technologies and a showcase of the latest innovations to reinvent supply chains. APIC is part of the DHL global innovation agenda with the mission of advancing DHL's innovation topics in the Region. 

Justin has over two decades of experience in management and emerging technology, and he his expertise ranges from research and development to interactive multimedia installation technologies. He previously held management roles in Imagination Australia, Mosaic and Accenture, and spent five years as an innovationist at Google where he played an instrumental role in launching the first Android devices in Asia Pacific.

Christopher Fuss

Head of SmartSensor IoT
DHL Customer Solutions & Innovation

Christopher heads the IoT SmartSensor team within DHL, and is in charge of the DHL SmartSensor solution, which is offered to all customers and Business Units of DHL. He joined DHL in 2018 and since then is driving and leveraging further IoT applications within DHL together with his team.

Previously he worked as a management consultant for network industries like energy, telecommunication and logistics. Here, he was leading multiple projects in the area of Business Model Innovation based on data-driven services. He holds a Diploma in Business Administration from the University of Mannheim.

Alexander Deo

Innovation Manager, SmartSensor IoT
Americas Innovation Center

Alex manages DHL’s SmartSensor business development and champions the topic of IoT for the Americas region. Building on DHL’s existing portfolio of IoT/SmartSensor solutions, Alex identifies innovative new technologies to add value and bolster DHL’s position as the world’s leader in logistics.

Jordan Toy

Innovation Project Manager
DHL Innovation Center, Troisdorf

Jordan Toy is an Innovation Project Manager. He merges his technical background with his passions for sustainability and human-centered design to drive projects from ideas to real-world pilots within logistics operations. His interests are multifaceted and span from robotics to quantum computing and from green energy to the future of work.

Jordan has over 6 years of experience in the logistics, transportation and civil engineering industries. He is based in the DHL Innovation Center in Troisdorf, Germany.

Michel Heck

Innovation Manager, Trend Research
DHL Customer Solutions & Innovation

Michel is a passionate Innovation Manager and creative problem solver. In his role, Michel is shaping the overall innovation agenda at DHL through developing industry trend reports and identifying, piloting and commercializing state-of-the art technology solutions for the logistics industry and its customers. Within the Trend Research team, Michel’s work focuses on future application areas of drone technologies within logistics operations and the introduction of upcoming packaging innovations to the business.

Michel joined Deutsche Post DHL Group in 2017 and worked for the global innovation team at the Innovation Centers in Germany and Singapore. Michel studied in France and Germany and holds a Masters degree with a focus on Technology & Innovation Management.

YingChuan Huang

Innovation Manager
DHL Asia Pacific Innovation Center

YingChuan Huang (Chuan) is responsible for driving DHL’s innovation agenda in the Asia Pacific region as the Trend Research Lead. Chuan has had over 7 years of experience in engineering, consulting and logistics, equipping him to effectively champion operational excellence initiatives through digital transformation, leveraging technologies such as Robotics, Computer Visioning and IoT. 

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