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Innovation Trends and Insights

Mapping the logistics trendscape to deliver the future

Discover how DHL is leading the way in logistics innovation and building the supply chains of the future by investing in thought leadership, fostering customer engagement, sharing insights and engaging in hands-on innovation. Through research and real-world proof of concepts, we are developing pioneering solutions we can productize and scale for use across the industry. By sharing insights through our acclaimed Trend Research, workshops, and Innovation Insights series, we prepare our customers and the industry to meet potential challenges and opportunities. 

Be Future Ready with the Logistics Trend Radar

By identifying and sharing the trends shaping tomorrow’s logistics landscape, the DHL Logistics Trend Radar provides direction to navigate change in a dynamic business environment. The Logistics Trend Radar is regularly refreshed and assesses logistics trends based on realization opportunity and perceived impact levels to make trend insights actionable. Through interaction with customers, colleagues and partners, we ensure content in the Logistics Trend Radar reflects working realities, implementation examples, and a forward-thinking outlook to drive deeper discussions and more innovative collaboration. Explore the Logistics Trend Radar here.

Hear how the DHL Logistics Trend Radar provides value to customers.

DHL Innovation Insights: Your Video Newsletter for Logistics Trends

Everyone, everywhere, is invited to discover the latest and greatest innovation developments happening at DHL and beyond. The Innovation Insights video newsletters feature interviews with experts, topical trend talks, logistics innovation, technology demonstrations, and proof of concept (PoC) examples while taking a look at what’s going on in our global Innovation Centers, from which the episodes are also broadcast live.

Explore Logistics Trends in Depth with DHL Trend Reports

DHL continuously monitors the trend landscape to understand, develop and collaboratively deploy emergent solutions. Inside our DHL Trend Reports, we share insights, success stories and actionable innovations that enhance our customers’ logistics and enable industry adoption. Complimentary to the Logistics Trend Radar, these reports dive deeper into highly relevant logistics trends that demonstrate major potential, topicality, and the likelihood of significant return on investment.

AI-Driven Computer Vision

AI-driven Computer Vision is set to reshape supply chains through intelligent optical recognition and decision-making, creating more efficient processes as well as safe and sustainable operations. This must-read DHL Trend Report delves deep into the interrelationship between computer vision, artificial intelligence and logistics. We reveal the potential benefits, challenges and actions needed for the implementation of this emerging disruptor technology that has compelling potential for positive, industry-wide transformation. 


See the Future of AI Computer Vision