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DHL Middle East and Africa Innovation Center

The DHL Middle East and Africa (MEA) Innovation Center in Dubai is the first collaboration space of its kind – a 450m2 state-of-the-art, mobile building. We developed and brought it to Dubai in 2021 to support the Emirate’s ambitions to be a logistics hub for the region, accelerating logistics innovation and supporting the creative thinking that drives Dubai’s business communities.

The Center brings business leaders, logistics professionals, academics, and start-ups together to work on new ideas and better ways of doing things. Interactive exhibits showcase technical innovations such as big data analytics and the Internet of Things (IoT) to inspire fresh thinking. 

Start your innovation journey and learn more about how new technologies can help your business go beyond potential.

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50 green hydrogen

projects can be found in the MEA region worth at least $165 billion.

$9.2 billion

is the expected value of UAE's e-commerce market by 2026.

$153.79 billion 

is the estimated value of the Middle East and Africa transport and logistics market size in 2023. 

$4 billion

is the value Dubai aims to create for the metaverse economy by 2028.

Explore the DHL Middle East and Africa Innovation Center in Dubai

The Innovation Experience

The Middle East and Africa Innovation Center prides itself on providing a vibrant and fascinating facility kitted out to make individuals as comfortable as possible during their visit. Innovation leadership and a customer-centric approach customized to visitors’ interests and business needs are critical to every experience. Customers, partners, and thought leaders can engage with DHL experts to solve challenges and explain the future of logistics.

Find out more by watching our videos, and request a tour.

Interact With Hands-On Innovation

Visits are tailored to focus areas deemed high interest by customers, such as: automation and efficiency, customer experience, environmental sustainability, health, safety and the future of work, physical and digital security, and visibility and resilience. You will then engage with targeted exhibits arranged by trends to discover innovation opportunities.  

Here are a few trends you can interact with up close at the DHL Middle East and Africa Innovation Center:  


This process eliminates waste and pollution by considering the full product life cycle beforehand and designing items with component parts suitable for future use. The goal is to maximize reuse, repair, remanufacture, and recycling and ultimately reclaim raw materials from end-of-use products -- and there are many ways businesses can embrace circularity to support achievement of sustainability targets. Additionally, DHL has a suite of GoGreen solutions and a robust ESG roadmap to support customers on their journey to more environmentally sustainable operations from smart packaging to emissions reduction and more. 

Big Data Analytics

This is the analysis of large amounts of data to reveal past patterns, trends, and real-time changes in the status quo to create predictions and forecasts for the future. It processes structured and unstructured data, including formats such as video and audio files from sensors and social media posts. Learn how data will continue to add value to logistics operations and see how DHL can leverage specific analytics models to forecast demand, increase accuracy of demand planning, increase revenue, improve visibility of inventory levels, reduce storage costs and more. 

Internet of Things (IoT)

DHL is developing an ever-expanding network of embedded sensors, software, and other technologies throughout the supply chain. These devices will connect to and exchange data through the internet to enhance operations and establish unprecedented levels of visibility, efficiency, and customer service. From condition monitoring to asset tracking, to real-time visibility and security, there’s an IoT device to fit almost any major visibility goal – and we hear from customers often: visibility is huge. 

Visitor Testimonials

"We have been treated like we are DHL family and we have seen very nice insights."







Supply Chain Manager, Digital Imaging and Technology Sector

Spearheading the Innovation Center

Irina Albanese is the Head of the DHL Middle East and Africa Innovation Center. With a 25-year career in the airline and logistics industries (mostly at DHL) across three continents, Irina knows what it takes to keep things moving. She’s passionate about working with customers on ‘green’ initiatives, and her team is currently focused on rapid testing and the adoption of innovative technologies for sustainability projects. She lives in Dubai with her family.

Irina Albanese, Head of Innovation Middle East and Africa

Know Before You Go

The DHL Middle East and Africa Innovation Center looks forward to welcoming you to our facility. Here are a few details to consider in advance. Have unanswered questions or want to connect? Email us at

Explore our Location

The DHL Middle East and Africa Innovation Center is located at Gate 3 D53, Al Maktoum Airport St, Dubai Logistics City, Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The Innovation Center is conveniently located in Logistics City and easily accessible by car, taxi, and ride shares. 


Share Your Experience

The DHL Innovation Centers are picture-friendly, and you’re encouraged to snap photographs and share your experience online. If you leave feeling inspired, share your insights in a Google review – industry peers might benefit from your takeaways. 

Hospitality is at the Heart of Your Experience

DHL wants visitors to the Innovation Centers to be comfortable and seen. Caring staff are happy to accommodate individual dietary and mobility requirements; please communicate any needs in advance of your visit. Bar 1969 is our in-house coffee facility, where you’ll find refreshments and snacks.

Planning is Key

To get the most from your experience, work closely with your DHL Group contact and the Innovation Center team to identify your objectives and set expectations for the outcomes you’d most like to realize. Sharing your pain points, aspirations, and trend interests will greatly support the planning process for a dynamic and valuable experience. Your input is critical, and we appreciate the opportunity to co-innovate and go beyond potential.