5th Edition

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Over the first two decades of this millennium, advancing technology, new business models, and dramatic shifts in customer behavior have reshaped the logistics industry as well as most other industries. In this interactive version of the Logistics Trend Radar, we invite you to explore 29 key trends and innovations that can help you navigate the transformative change to come.

Logistics Trend Radar 5th Edition

Logistics is entering a transformative decade and trend foresight has never been more important. Download the full Logistics Trend Radar to get invaluable insights and inspiration into 29 key trends and innovations that could impact your business in the next years.

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Meet the Experts

Matthias Heutger

Senior Vice President

Global Head of Innovation & Commercial Development

DHL Customer Solutions & Innovation

Dr. Markus Kückelhaus

Vice President

Innovation & Trend Research

DHL Customer Solutions & Innovation

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