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Integrations and Tools

Scalable digital solutions that save your growing business time and money

From customer portals to APIs, our world-class technology team offers a wide range of options to integrate DHL into your internal business systems and sales channels.

DHL Customer Portals

For our account holding customers, we offer a suite of digital business portals. Each of our divisions designed their unique portals to facilitate and streamline the use of their specific shipping services. Here you find a short overview of the portals we offer for small and medium-sized businesses.

DHL Express

Our door-to-door courier delivery service offers customers these options:  


Create and manage all your DHL Express shipments from one powerful, online platform, with a single login. This means everything from international shipping to tracking and booking couriers can be done in a few clicks.


DHL Express Commerce

A multi-functional eCommerce shipping tool that allows you to display live shipping rates at the checkout of your store, import orders automatically, manage shipments, and save time on daily shipping tasks.

My Global Trade Services

Everything you need to know to get your express shipments easily through customs, from shipment planning, to finding the right tariff codes and required documentation. 

DHL Global Forwarding

Our international freight forwarder provides customers these options:


myDHLi gives you 360° visibility and full control over your shipments -- tracking, reporting and analytics. Follow critical shipments and share information with colleagues, customers and suppliers. All in one place.

myDHLi Quote + Book

myDHLi Quote + Book is your single solution to get instant Air and Ocean Freight, market rate quotes, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Address or city-to-city quotes, share your quote/booking with a colleague and add additional services - customs services, cargo insurance and GoGreen options and more. 

Station Finder

Use our global Station Finder to locate the closest DHL Global Forwarding stations and local contacts in any country we serve.

DHL Freight

Our European road and rail freight offers customers these options:

With myDHLFreight, you manage your transport requests and shipping requirements 24/7 from anywhere with a computer or mobile device. The web-based customer portal for standard road freight services makes logistics processes more efficient and, for our customers, more transparent and stress-free.

DHL Freight Quotation Tool

The DHL Freight Quotation Tool allows you to get information on the prices and transit times of scheduled road freight shipments in seconds. This tool will quote shipments up to 2,500 kilos.

Road Freight Transit Times Calculator

Get transit times on our international Less than Truckload (LTL), road freight services for pallets, non-pallets and groupage shipments.

DHL Supply Chain

For customers using our DHL Fulfillment Network, we offer:  


MySupply Chain is a one-stop-shop for integrated warehouse and transportation insights – accessible anytime, from anywhere you are online. This tool provides our customers a near real-time view of inventory positions and warehouse level order statuses across the entire network. With the analytics module, this powerful tool powers your business intelligence. 

Direct Integrations with Best in Class APIs

APIs work like a bridge that allows data coming from DHL systems to be displayed in your internal or customer facing solutions.  Our APIs allow you to access information across our different divisions. Visit Our Developer Portal to get API Access

Partner Integrations

Whether you use a Webshop platform, an order management solution or shipping software, we partner with a host of technology providers to help integrate DHL into your current digital environment seamlessly. 

Because there are so many platforms and our service offering varies by country, the most efficient way to explore DHL integrations is through your platform's marketplace or app store. Simply search DHL on that marketplace.

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