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Data Integrations

To leverage our services in a convenient and flexible way, we offer several methods to integrate DHL eCommerce shipping into your internal systems and sales channels.

Our Integrations

Third-Party Solutions

We offer plugins, extensions, and other ready-to-go data integrations into your preferred e-commerce channels. DHL eCommerce third-party solutions (also referred to as third-party vendor or 3PV solutions) already cover many of the most common e-commerce IT systems (OMS, WMS, TMS, ERP system, web-shop or marketplaces) and we are always expanding this list for your business.

Recommended for those with:

  • Low to medium access to internal IT resources
  • Desire for plug-and-play solution that can be customized

Key Features:
  • Access to e-commerce marketplaces and platforms, such as Shopify and Woo Commerce, via multi-carrier shipping software partners
  • Strategic Shipping Partners include ConnectShip, DesktopShipper , Easypost, ShipStation, ProShip and many more


You can access our products and services with our best-in-class RESTful web services. In addition to label generation, rating and tracking status retrieval, we also offer you a broad portfolio of DHL eCommerce web services with multiple API calls to bring your valued products closer to your global customers.

Recommended for those with:
  • Low to high daily shipping volume
  • Easy access to internal IT resources
  • High desire to be integrated with internal systems
  • Interest in flexible customizations
Key Features:
  • RESTful web services (Label, Tracking, Rating, Manifest, Webhook, EDD)
  • Developer Portal with complete API documentation
  • International shipping compliance
  • Enhanced security for data transmission


Intergrating our services via EDI requires a file-based data exchange to be set up using SFTP.  By providing us with a file containing all your shipment information at the end of your business day, we can then process the data and prepare the shipment information prior to pick-up. 

Recommended for those with:
  • High daily shipping volume
  • Easy access to internal IT resources
  • High desire to be integrated with internal systems and seeking premise-based solutions
Key Features:
  • Leverages DHL secure FTP server
  • Various types of files – Manifesting, tracking, rate files, sort code file for labels and more
  • Various file formats- .txt, .dat, .esm, .rf1 and more

DHL eCommerce Customer Web Portal

Our portal offers you a simple and centralized way to manage all your e-commerce associated shipment processes. With this tool, you have visibility into shipment activities, billing and other information that is updated on a frequent basis.

Key features:

  • Shipment tracking and order management
  • Single label generation or bulk/batch upload
  • Returns management 
  • Enhanced delivery performance reporting and analytics