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One of the problems with the industrial world is that, despite continuous improvements in areas like efficiency and materials, machines still break down. But imagine if you could see more clearly into the future, make informed predictions about the physical state of machines, and eliminate that costly downtime.

Ganesh Bell, President, Uptake, is right at the forefront of this technology. “At Uptake, we’ve made it our mission to develop machine learning and data science solutions that can help industries get much closer to achieving zero downtime,” he told us. “We’re seeing results that not only improve the bottom line of companies but also offer valuable improvements in safety.”

In the light of this, why aren’t these new ways of working being deployed in every industry? What’s holding companies back from making the most of these state-of-the-art technologies? And what key ingredient do they need to succeed in what is a pretty specialist area?

“I’ve spoken to many businesses with supply chains that could be revolutionized by machine learning in one form or another,” said Ganesh. “I’ve a pretty good idea of the stumbling blocks that are in their way. And they’re more to do with human nature than IT complexity.”

We spoke to Ganesh at our recent IoT event, where he told us how machine learning can play a vital role in logistics. Here’s your exclusive Backstage Pass to find out more.

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