Shipping according to GPD guidelines

Manuela Karner
Manuela Karner
DHL Express Austria Content Team
3 min read
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Express shipping in compliance with the key aspects of the European GDP guideline.

Thanks to our many years of experience, we are very familiar with the requirements of the EU Directive on Good Distribution Practice (GDP) for the shipment of medicinal products for human use.

Accordingly, in addition to a quality agreement in accordance with the principles of GDP, we can also offer you advice from our GDP-versed contacts for the dispatch of non-temperature-controlled medicines if required.

The central requirements of GPD

  1. Maintaining the quality of the delivered product
  2. Maintaining the integrity of the product
  3. Whereabouts of the products during transport and storage in the legal supply chain

GDP is aimed at customers from the pharmaceutical industry who are authorised to manufacture or trade in medicinal products. These are parties involved in the legal supply chain: manufacturers of medicinal products, wholesalers and pharmacies.

They must ensure that they remain GDP-compliant throughout the entire distribution chain, including when using service providers such as DHL Express for shipping.

Our offer

  1. Our high-quality processes for the timely dispatch and intact delivery of consignments to the correct recipient fulfil essential GDP requirements
  2. A tried and tested written agreement in accordance with the GDP guideline - Quality Assurance Agreement (QAA)
  3. Enabling customer audits in accordance with the GDP guideline, chapter 7
  4. Advice from our GDP-versed experts

Your advantages

  1. DHL Express as a reliable partner with established processes
  2. High security standards at all DHL operating locations
  3. Quality agreement in written form